Which Holy to limit break

Absolutely. She’s a beast!!! I just gave the Aethers to her.

Can you post her card please?

My choices for 5s are Joon, malosi, Thor, and Devana. I think that makes Devana my best choice. Only have her to +8 nodes but she’s climbing.



Wow that’s awsome!!! Thank you buddy

You’re most welcome. Next project will be one of my 4 maxed Gullinbursti.

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Just done.


My dilemma is whether to limit break Sir Roostley or Mist & Gullinbursti. Considering my small roster, my impression is that I should go with my 4*, since the main benefit from Roostley would be the improved defense in wars and raids. On the other hand, Mist & Gulli would help in war & raid offense, challenge events and tournaments. Any opinions?

Aouda has most att stats

My feeling on LB on 4* heroes is that it makes them better in tournaments and war. I think that since tournaments are also a source of the aethers it might be beneficial. I’ve only LB two heroes so far (Sapphire & Mist).


Just checking my math here… the aethers we get from the event is enough to LB a 4* and a 5* (assuming you get 1 more 5* aether) right? But not a 4* with its costume and a 5*?

yes i found that too. unfortunately you need one more aether to lb a 4* costume…

That C Joon must be a weird path…only 788 defense? He should end up somewhere around 950, 830, 1660 just by eyeballing it. Hell, mine has 770 with no limit break on defense going all attack with emblems.

No, you need one extra five star aether from somewhere else to lb a five star and if you lb four and multiple threes you will be short of doing a five star. I did drake and kvasir and will hang on to the balance and work up to jackal or Guilinbursti.

Inari is 813 Aouda is 811 i believe.

This guy is legit for LB!:+1:t5:


Power means absolutely zero.

In my opinion mana controllers are super important and in that category Onatel is very good, despite her age. I have her at 4/80 no emblems and she is very impacftul. Devanna is good but she won’t sway a match as much as Onatel.

Whether you want to give her the LB or not is another question. Does your Onatel die, or come close to dying, relatively often? If so it is a no brainer. If she easily survives all of your matchups then maybe you will get more benefit out of giving them to Devanna.

Personally with that choice I would give to Onatel (and I will most likely do so when I get my 5th holy aether)


Onatel gives me grief on occasion, I avoid her at times, so I’d do her!

What does Mist look like limit broken?

I limit broke my Poseidon, interesting comparison to the wife’s fully emblemed Fogg. The LB has put his depreciation from power creep of stats right back in the upper range again.


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