Freya or C-Obakan get the mats

Hi all,
Would like your opinion on who to ascend next, Freya, Obakan with costume, Grimble… or 2nd Killhare?

Currently have G.panther, Kunchen, Kage, Clarissa and Killhare maxed.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Freya. Not even a contest.


Agree with Zathrus, C.Obakan isn’t bad but Freya is much better


I’d go with Freya also, I think she’s excellent, and one of my most used heroes. Costumed Obakan looks quite good too and I think he’d be worth leveling, but I’d put him 2nd in the queue after Freya. Third for me would be Grimble, I don’t have him either but with minions being so prevalent now I think he’ll be of use regularly.

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Thanks! Will go with Freya :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m a Freya lover. +1 for her

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Freya for sure. She’s useful just about everywhere.

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If you are a mono player your team may be:

Kunchen, killhare, Panther, killhare, freya

Could be very funny indeed. :wink:

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