Which do you choose, Bobo or Skadi?

Now I have 5 telescopes.
When you reach six, which do you give the telescope to Bobo or Skadi?

That is pretty much a decision which part of the game you value higher and what other heroes you already have max.

Do you want a great hero for titans, events, rush war/tournament and don’t already have Athena than go with Bobo.

Do you want a hero who is nearly an auto win against minion teams for the everyday pvp aspect, for most wars and especially for minion war go with skadi.

I have skadi max and love her and I also have a max Athena, so I wouldn’t need Bobo at the moment, although in a vacuum I would probably prefer Bobo over skadi, his def down is crazy and I personally value Titans and events far higher than pvp so I would get more out of him.

It’s also interesting how big your titans are, bobo probably doesn’t need the scopes to work against titans, whereas skadi really needs to be max and best with emblems to be useful.


Thank you. It was helpful.

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Really important points here. For Skadi to be at her best, she needs the full emblem attack path, and to kill some of the beefier minions in today’s meta (noor, freya, sometimes even bera), you’ll also have to bring a hero that boosts her attack as well. (Kirill or cKiril being the obvious best synergy, since he’d charge at the same time.)

Both of these heroes are really good for different reasons. I think ferg’s response above lays it out quite well. I would just add that Bobo can be useful even if you DO already have Athena, simply because Mythic Titans take 12 flags, and you can’t bring her to all of them. (But that’s really only useful advice for those of us with SUPER deep rosters.)

For whatever it’s worth, I maxed and emblemed a second skadi, because i love using her so much. I can field two attack teams now, just by bringing four healers along with her, that are nearly automatic wins in every war, and in many raids. (It helps that I also have some of the best healers available; no strategy works perfectly, and every strategy is improved by paywall heroes that fit it, so Skadi/healers won’t be an automatic win for everybody. But the point is, she’s D@MN good!)


Thank you. It was helpful.

To add to the above… if you use bob as a titan exclusive hero he won’t need to be max ascended unless you want that extra attack vs red titans. I have him at 2/6₩ and he survives multiple hits from 14* Titans once his special is up.

So based on that and how good skadi is I’d vote skadi


Thank you. It was very helpful.

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