Which blues to ascend next?

I’m looking for best sinergies, teams (monoblue or 3+2).
My ascended heroes are: Morel +20 LB, Cobalt +20 LB, Lord Loki +20, Frosth +15 and Skadi +20. I also have some 4* like c kiril +20 LB, c boril +20 LB, c grimm +18 and c Sonia.

Who to ascend amongst Mr Pengi, Milena, Bobo, Alexandrine, Glenda, second Cobalt or second Morel or second Mr Pengi? (I also have Fenrir and Theobald as non s1 blue heroes but don’t consider them) I can ascend two blues: one right now and a second one in a while, just need two telescopes. Which ones would you ascend?

Edit: I can run a 3+2 with Ludwig +20 LB and/or Mother north +20 LB very soon if that could help.

Those are some nice heroes.
I would take Bobo to 370 for titans and events, with a plan to do him second as he is also great in VF war, and probably go with Milena, as you are short on blue 5* healers and cleansers.

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definitely Milena, could be a secondary healer or a damage dealer for her versatility… next is Mr.Pengi with synergy to Frosth……

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Poll for easy voting:

  • Mr Pengi
  • Milena
  • Bobo
  • Alexandrine
  • Glenda
  • Cobalt (#2)
  • Morel (#2)
  • Mr Pengi (#2)
  • Fenrir
  • Theobald

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Its between Bobo and Milena for me just to narrow it down with melina edging it shes top 5 Hero for me

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My first thought was mr pengi because it’s the newest one and I have both frosth and bera emblemed as well as mother north for sinergies and family bonus, but most of you recommend me Milena as a fast cleanser/healer or slow debuffer/damage dealer.

However, it might seem crazy ascending two mr pengis but I suppose that with mother north, ludwig and frosth, that would be the funniest team to play with.

exactly what I would do :slight_smile:
don’t have Pengi, but Milena is a game changer…
heal + cleanse in 6 tiles
If not needed, a few tiles later she hit’s like a truck (but not the usual ones, I mean the road trains who go through Australia with 2 or 3 trailers)

Give her scopes and have fun :slight_smile:

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Yup, love my milena.

By the way, would you pull for Christmas aiming to get Krampus if you had all those good blue heroes and a taunt hero like ludwig or, on the contrary, wait for another event?

She will never disappoint you believe in her and her magic.!!


Mr.Pengi is Extremely fun to play with!. But you need Minions to to create a masacre! With Him.

Best of luck on your choice. And remember pick that hero which you can give the most Emblems!

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You have amazing options!!! I would go Milena Amazing!!!

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Bad luck again arggg x10 pull and a third Mr Pengi, SG loves to give me duplicates (three beras, two morel, two cobalt, two fogg, two lepiotas, two fenrir and so on).

I can give 1300 emblems to Mr Pengi and 830 to Milena, but I will ascend Milena first because some of Pengi’s emblems will go to Ferant, which I want to LB and pair with Ludwig for the family bonus.

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milena for sure, i have her at 4/85+20
she is on my war def team (currently tank), war def and my war offense team
her heal comes right on time, her attack is SICK!
she heals my team while heim is charging.
her double identity is her greatest advantage

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