Which Blue 5* next?

Which blue 5* next?

My maxed blue heroes and other healers (as I have a feeling Passepartout will be the top choice here!)


  • Passepartout
  • Esme
  • Cathal
  • Iris
  • Rumpelstiltskin
  • Finley
  • Second Skadi (with costume)

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Thanks everyone :green_heart::turtle::green_heart:

Passepartout is a great healer. Use him in every war and he generally helps me win.

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The obvious answer is Klaern. i know you’ve got him.

Speaking of which, should we throw a party now that you can’t get him?

Seriously though, you’ve got def down covered (need to level up that Magni costume!), and healing, so I’d say Iris. Great special and she hits like a truck maxed with emblems when her wizard talent kicks in. saying this because she’s totally wrecked me many times in raids. :sweat_smile:

or Rumple if you just want something different. whatever you choose, have fun!


That’s my man :green_heart::blue_heart:


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Too late :rofl:


He just popped out of every corner lol!

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I’m going with Iris, she is so useful with the Krampus defenses you see so often. Having Alexandrine makes the two other healers go further back in line



What @Chadmo said


Alexandrean??? I fed mine away in Soul exchange. The blue ■■■■■ healer is far superior in every aspect.

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Passepartout … 20 characters

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I vote skadi… I can craft a whole winning war team just around her… And I’ll happily take a war win any day

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Fix the costumes first…

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I am :grinning:

Just pulled Magni’s costume from HA10 and Skadi’s costume from the last Valhalla summon few days ago! Currently working on Athena’s costume and then I’ll max other costumes! I feed 1* heroes to costumes and 2* heroes to 5* heroes so it’s slow! Thanks for the comments

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I agree, a second Skadi is so tempting

@Steve9999 @Chadmo

I was going to max Iris but she will wait as I pulled this lady from the TOL :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


For sure. C Alasie is top of the heap for Blues…Iris kneels to her, lol. Congrats!!


I’m biased towards fast attackers, and dispellers. Given that, my vote goes to Iris!

I think C-Alasie is the ice Queen :blue_heart:

Iris next (I have 12 telescopes)