Which 5* blue to ascend as my second?

My alt account has been blessed with good blue pulls lately (wish I could say the same for my main where I don’t have any of these heroes!) and I’ve finally obtained my 6th telescope. Currently my only maxed blue 5* is Morel so wondering which hero would be best to go next? I’ve also included notes about my emblem situation. Thank you!

  • Cobalt (max emblems)
  • C. Snow White (max emblems)
  • C. Master Lepus (max emblems)
  • C. Athena (partial emblems)
  • C. Finley (partial emblems)
  • C. Krampus (no emblems)
  • Gaillard (no emblems)

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Morel followed by cLepus sounds awesome. Destruction.


That’s true! Wish the poll wasn’t so close, makes it harder for me to decide haha. I guess maybe people voted Finley cause he’s the newest/most shiny :sweat_smile:

I changed my vote. I didn’t read that you had morel. I use costume kiril then lepus. Mix in a skadi and it’s usually a win.

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Thank you all for your votes, am going to C. Master Lepus! :slight_smile:

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