Which 5 star to upgrade next?

So I have a bunch of unlevelled 5 stars and I am wondering who to go with next. I have a, max isarnia, working on leveling a Lianna. I have 2 azlars, 2 justice, partially leveled Thorne (he was my first), Obalan, one elk. Thoughts?

From this list: keep on leveling Lianna, and I’d go for Azlar among them.

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Ok cool…that was my thought too. Thanks!

No offense but there are better 5*, idk how many mats you have but agree on working Lianna and Azlar.

Hopefully you have some great 4* maxed like rigard, kiril, tusk, lixiu/chao/wu? They would be great complements to isarnia, lianna and azlar.

Depending on your lvl and whether you are f2p, c2p… Try pulling 5* from tc20 (sartana, marjana, joon, Vivica, magni) and ofc any hotm.

I realize that and that’s why I haven’t upgraded anything until I got the lianna. I do have bunch of those 4* you mentioned fully upgraded.

@Snotface that’s great! It’s a double edged sword if you are trying to lvl 5* too early in the game as it drains your resources.

I’ve slowly started lvling my 5* now but this is after I had a bench of 15 maxed 4* along with my first maxed 3* lineup.

Best of luck with tc20. I pulled Viv on 4th pull, Richard on 6th pull… Very fortunate but it’s great way to get 5*!

That is crazy luck pull! Most of the 5* I got was from tc20. I have chosen to go with 4* when I find worthy ones to upgrade. I’ve definitely taken the time.

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