Which 4 stars next?

So here’s my pool levelled 4*. I’m looking to add some utility for challenge events and tournaments specifically but got to stage where I’m not sure which to do next now. Ascension mates aren’t a problem so any colour is fine as a choice.

And this is the pool of heroes yet to level.

Thoughts appreciated

2nd Jackal, originally and costumer versions of Sonya, and Melendor, Caedmon, and 2nd Myst


Yellow: definitely a 2nd Jackal :slight_smile:
Red: nicely covered. Good luck getting a Falcon tomorrow
Blue: Come on! Get that Sonya up
Green: Caedmon, and who knows. Maybe you get his costume too in future. I find him very useful in tournaments
Purple: no clue :stuck_out_tongue: If you really need another I’d go with the highest attack stat for events :slight_smile:

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I kept a 2nd jackal and Mist for that Reason…I just thought it was a bit of overkill tbh but couldn’t bear to part with them lol. I mean would I run double Jackal?? I guess it would be useful for Wars as well.

I must be the only person that doesn’t really get Sonya :joy: I kept being told she’s solid…just never really see it myself

Double Jackal is not bad. Sometimes, I run 3 maxed and emblemed Jackals as they have high tile damage against purple titans.

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she’s the only blue 4* dispeller :slight_smile: and you have her costume too for the cleanse. I think she is a must have :slight_smile:


And yes…bring on G.Falcon tomorrow!

But I went fishing fairly hard for a Hansel and Gretal last event and caught nothing of note…

So this game doesn’t always give you what you want!

This. Plus 100.

Double jackals will be nice especially with your dot from li… and stacked with Grimm? Drool.

How are your mana troops looking?? You’ll see a nice boost with level 5 with all those costumed heroes.

Very nice roster. :slight_smile:


tell me about it, lol. No, it doesn’t, unfortunately :slight_smile: but you have an unleveled blue treasure in your roster :smiley: Imagine a tournament without greens… who will debuff for you? Am I pushing hard enough for Sonya? :stuck_out_tongue:



A bit neglected tbh. I can get the 3rd one to level 5 pretty quick…I have a ridiculous amount of feeders…just always have something more exciting to spend the food on.

But I’ve been slowly working on a rainbow set…yellow just fell behind as it’s not a colour I’m super strong on so rarely raid purple if I can avoid it.

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Rigard, li, mel… will all benefit. I’d forcus in those three colors at least.

@Math4lyfe I have a level 8 purple mana, just not on there. I’m slowly getting them all to 11 as I believe that’s the next level of interest after 5…

5, 11 & 23 I I believe the important levels for Mana troop?

I just concentrated on heroes for the last…well…year I guess :joy:

Those are the levels that stick out to me… there’s a lot of numbers that have been crunched to determine tiles needed before/after telluria fires and which mana level would be best… I can’t remember it all off the top of my head.

Food on hero levelling always seemed more useful tbh and I refuse to buy food so I can only go as fast as my lazy peasants can go :joy:


Oh I get it. But level 5 shouldn’t be too too bad. Good time to use those food bundles from POV. :wink:

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A slightly different suggestion to procure food in such circumstances:

Not sure how much food you need now… but raiding and fillings chests are some options to explore.

Do you have a stockpile of raid flasks? @Cheds
If yes - go crazy with raiding… also fill those chests while you are at it… you should be able to accumulate about 150-200K food in around 20-30 minutes (could be more if you are very good at raiding).

If you have gems to spare and are ready to let go about 40-50 gems, then you could fill those chests multiple times, effectively gaining food upto 300-350K, I am guessing… (I am counting both Monster Chest and Raid Chest)

(I know gems are precious, but, depending on the situation, this could be a more cost-effective solution than waiting on your farms and watchtower for the food. (read opportunity cost))

I resort to this method in certain rare scenarios such as when I need to emblem my hero before the war begins and my iron reserves are running low. (I have two TC20 camps running continuously. So, food is not a problem.)

Hope this helps.

Cheers!! :beers:

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In 3-2 stack in most cases I prefer to use Magni+Sonya than Magni+Magni. Same for Kingston+Caedmon vs Kingston+Lianna. Dispel is worth smaller damage.

I’d focus on Melendor, Gormek and C. Cat now.

Melendor is the only vanilla 4* healer you still don’t have maxed, and Cat is very, very helpful for yellow titans, providing high tile damags and defense cripple at the same time, only purple hero that does this ATM.

As for Gormek, the pulverizer trio is a must have, and he is part of them.

Then I’d go Caedmon and Sonya.