Which 2* Heroes to keep

I searched everywhere for this but no luck besides many saying not to level them. I found myself in the Situation to have an event where only 2* Heroes been allowed. I would like to know except Layla, Julius, Needler and Nash <<<< I like them. Now I need one more, to have at least one team for occasions like that.
So from Farid, Olaf, Jill, Hou and Zudak which one? Or rather 1 more Layla?

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I kept none of them.

I leveled up a Ranghild in an hour for the single 2* tournament and she worked well there with 4 absolutely non leveld.


This tour was sth like hoax. Battling with feeders? Meh…

1 and 2 stars aren’t worth keeping in the long run.


I know I have kept a maxed and fully emblemed Layla on my main and a fully emblemed Olaf on alt #1. I mainly kept them for sentimental value and for getting through a bulk of the mid game when I had no good 3 stars or higher of that element. Worked good for that bulk of it before the good heroes started pouring in.

I would say keep 3 attackers and 3 buffers so that when a two star tourney comes around, you’ll be prepared. Although I think it might be once or twice a year depending. When this first came around I was rolling with laughter and having a lot of fun. A fully emblemed Layla with that dodge is nothing to scoff at.

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:joy::joy::joy: Meh I hear you but like @Aunty_Krauser said 1st off all for the sentimental value and it doesn’t hurt to keep one team for those special tournaments. And I agree with this

Even raiding I see many 4 and 5* in a team with her. She kicks my Kashs butt hard hiding on wing :joy: she is awesome. Even when I farm I take them. Then I feel like in the first good old days of the game lol.

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Yeah, if you already have some, keep em, but don’t do more of em.

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Exactly :blush: and in your opinion which would be? I’ve chosen already 2 Laylas, Julius, Nash and Needler. Need 1 more. So which one? Farid, Olaf, Jill, Hou or Zudak.

@Olmor Yes I have only kept those mentioned. Won’t do more. I’ll feed the rest away after someone tells me which ones to keep.

Sharkoot maybe as a red.

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Yes Sharkoot is good. Thanks I forgot about him. So I’ll feed these away and as soon as a Sharkoot appears I’ll keep him.

@Ljiljana Olaf. Cause for himself, the +63% defense stacks on top of the extra defense from the protect talent. Jus imagine if Boril was a Paladin with protect with the amount of defense he has… Ursena would just tickle him.

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@Aunty_Krauser good point there! :blush::+1:

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Personally I had an absolute blast in the 2* tournament… Sure I was caught unawares initially and scrambled to set a defence…

The team I’ve levelled is: Sha-Ji, Shaarkot, Olaf, Layla, Needler

Gives a nice range of skills: Healer, Attack Buff, Defence Buff, 2 Snipers and 1 DoT.

They’re also incredibly cheap to emblem up so… Yeah… No regrets :stuck_out_tongue:



Yeap exactly, :blush: since then I kept them. And even when I farm the low levels in S1 and even S2 I take this troop. It’s fun! And it lasts longer. With the higher Heroes it ends too quick.

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I will explain you how it works, because you are new in this game. Do not level any 2* hero. And pay attention every Sunday before pressing join. Do not rush. If you see is 2* tournament, go to your roster, feed all 2* trainers if you have some, then go back and press join. The idea is to not have any maxed 2* at the moment you press join and this includes trainers too.

Now… I will explain why should you do that. Your defense will be attacked during the tournament based on the available 2* heroes you have at the moment you press join. So, if you have none, your defense will be attacked by 1200 -1500 TP. But in those 24 hours you actually may set such defense to be almost impossible to be defeated by those weak opponents. Because a maxed Layla is 338. Needler is 333. And this with no emblems. And your defense will be 1700+. And this is easy. I advise you to keep always the feeders in TC 11. You don’t need to empty every day for several meaningless heroes. For example, I always have at least 500 heroes in TC 11. The 2* tournaments are rare. But when will eventually pop up, then you have in TC 11 all the heroes you need and the feeders for leveling. At that 2* tournament, took me 4 hours to set a defense and level 2 heroes of each colour. You don’t need more than 10. When attacking, just double the colour for the tank. The only heroes you should keep are: 2 Needler, Nash + Sha Ji (if bloody battle, then 2 Nash, obviously), 2 Layla (Julius is a mistake, since Layla is much better), Toril + Olaf and for red only Jill (is much sturdier). Second red the 1* healer Sharan.

In this way your defense will be A grade along all 5 days and you will meet heavily emblemed heroes only since day 4*, not day 2*.

For your inner peace you may check out that tournament thread. My defense was undefeated. 21 - 0 if I remember right. And my rewards was very nice indeed (usual staff with tokens and 30 emblems).

Yes, this is tricking the system, but why not since this system is broken and the devs don’t care at all? Matchmaking is broken, there are defenses which aren’t attacked at all (C default), rewards system is broken. The tournament last week I finished at 1%. With my alt account I gave up since day 3. And I got 10 emblems at 1% and 20 emblems for a crappy score. I posted also in the thread, like I always do.

So, if you wanna not getting screwed by the devs over and over again, you should be smarter then them :slight_smile:


He was the MVP of the last 2* tournament. And others have even mentioned that with full emblems, he can cover your healing needs where you don’t have better options available. @Ljiljana I would suggest including him in your six.

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I agree with most things here.

Layla is the best 2* hands down, with Sha Ji being next in line. Beyond that, I have nothing but attackers. One thing I noticed in the tournaments was a lot of buffers and I rolled over them all.

Also (don’t do this) but I went +20 on my Layla. She is absolutely brutal.


Thank you very much for your time and explanation! :blush::+1::+1::+1: AND which ones to use :joy: helped a lot!

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Thank you as well :blush: indeed she is. Especially when she hides on wings. She really kicks hard. I love her. And Needler.


@Benn I did :+1: :blush: thanks

@PeachyKeen I have rolled with a +20 Layla on my main for a good 4 months when I stated playing on my main.

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