Which 2* Heroes to keep

5x LayLa
1x Hou / 1x Shi Ji

Monoed LayLa Offense/Defense 1% without refilling. When purples banned…5 of something else = P

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Needler makes Jennah useless. Fast mana vs avg. mana sniper.

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So for those of us who seem to not be able to get a variety of 3-5* heroes quickly. Should we finish level up what 3* heroes we have and then work on the few 2 heroes we should keep?

Asking because I ditched all but a single 2* hero due to advice from a different thread and don’t want to shoot myself in the foot in future tournaments that I could have a shot at.

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Keep none. The 2* Raid Tournaments will not be coming back.


Fairly certain 2* tourneys are gone for good.

But as a very new player, Layla is a pretty solid 2* to hang onto until your roster grows.


The panda took to +15 on my mini was Albe to complete last rare event as my healer.


I also kept the panda for a very long time. All the healers (other than Sharan) eluded me for AGES. I actually pulled Sabina, Boldtusk and Rigard before I ever pulled Hawkmoon (who I eventually got from the costume chamber). For ages the panda was the best healer on my roster and I had him at +20 and used him a lot.

Also had Nash fully levelled and kept him until recently too.

My yellow bench was absolutely dire for ages and for a long time these were the best I had to use.

Nash disappeared after I got some decent yellow hitters, and I finally got rid of my panda when I pulled Lady Woolerton. I was kind of sorry to see him go as he was the last of my 2 star heroes and was so useful for so long.


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