Where do I go from here? (Leveling, emblem distribution)

I’m at a point where I’m not sure what to focus on first.

I have five 5s at 3 70, eleven 4s at 3 60, and 16 3*s ready for emblems.

My HA will begin the upgrade to level 9 in a few hours, I plan on upgrading to 10 after that.

Any advice would really be appreciated.

713 wizard emblems

Hard for anyone to give you advice without seeing what 4 star mats you have to ascend with?

Whoops! I added them and emblems.

Good 5 choices: Sartana, vivica, lianna, azlar/Elena is a tossup or could wait for a better red… even Marjana would be way better, magni/Glenda are about on par… Glenda for the minions maybe

For your 4s:
Boldtusk, Proteus, wukong , costume rigard, Grimm, Kiril , falcon are all amazing and well worth it to start with.

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For a start… 10 Rigards is probably slightly more than you would ever need :grinning:

You have some decent S1 5*s. If I were to choose 1 to ascend per colour, It would be Sartana, Liana, Vivica, Glenda(Very tough between her and Magni) and Azlar(huge tile damage vs Titans - Also good for VF Wars).

4*s you have way too many good ones to make a list lol. Its all situational and your play style.

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Thank you @Executive ! Do you think I should go for Elena over Azlar since I have her costume?

Thank you @EVO! Yeah i’ve been pretty lucky with pulling Rigard lol.

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