Ok! Whose next?

Alright. My Margaret is about to hit 4/80. Who should I advance next? Here’s what I have maxed so far.

There’s a couple down below not attached to a team that are maxed and you’ll see in a minute. Who should i look into maxing next?

My gut always tells me to work on HoTM heroes first, so I have Neith, Zocc, Noor, Alasie, Malosi, Natalya, and Grimble left to max for that.

Should i work on 4 star depth? Should I continue 5 star heroes?

Am I missing a utility hero or fundamental hero that I should look into? Like tanks, or mana control, etc?

How are you going for mats?
Of those you list I like Alasie

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I think Malosi would serve you best. Although I think alasie is best available.


Malo, Hattie, Az, Alas, Kage


It all depends on what mats you have of course. But in my honest opinion, looking at your roster, I would focus on the following heroes next:
Malosi then Alasie Then The Hatter
Whichever heroes you choose, good luck

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Thanks everyone. I didn’t list mats because I’ve been holding on to them for awhile for 5 stars and have enough at the moment to fourth tier at least one of every color so it wasn’t a major concern.

This was more of a, what am I lacking? Type thread from other sets of eyes.

I really appreciate the feedback.

Do you think a second Kage is better than heroes i havent maxed yet?

My Kage is almost maxed out on emblems, I guess I could prioritize a second one if you think two is worth it.

I’d be interested in hearing why.

I personally go for variety rather than duplicates if there is tough competition for emblems

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1 neith, 2 hatter, 3 kage


I prefer not to raise duplicates either, tbh. Most people seem to think Malosi is the way to go next so I guess I’ll go with him.