Reaching the end of 5* to level (an Ascension ?, HELP))

So, after this month I’ll be wrapping up on any high end spending on the game.
Barring receiving a new 5 from Ninjas or new Costumes, I’d like to receive some advice.
I will enclose my pertinent roster and what 5s I have to possibly ascend.

I’m not looking for the “wait and see” response, just take into account what I have already maxed and what I have available to max. Pretend as if I’m NEVER getting another 5*.

Who would you ascend, and why?

PS: Thanks to all posters in advance.

^Pertinent Roster^

^3/70 5s^

^Unleveled 5s^ (plus 2 magni not pictured)

and finally…

^My AM locker^

You have a lot of darts so I would max second Malosi for utility and probably Rana, she is very usefull in offence with her 75% healing cut

You might max Hatter for fun but you don’t need him, your greens are strong so you can wait for something more interesting

If you won’t get Marjana from costume event I would max Reuben, its bad to don’t have snipers amd you don’t have even one red

Second Seshat would be nice addition but wait and see what you get

Raff is really good healer, if you won’t get Cobalt/Finley/Ariel I would definetly max him when you get scopes

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I’ve always felt Anzogoh was severely underrated. If you can handle the RNG on the special, The Hatter is another option.

Still, the demon was my gut first instinct.

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