When to use the EHT


since the christmas event covers December and January…

when would you use your EHTs?

which HOTM chance would you prefer and why?

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I personally would use mine right off the bat when the event starts.

because you would prefer Grimble over Vela or beause you are impatiient? :wink:

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@Hermann I admit I am impatient and I personally used up all my HoTM luck getting Kingston on my main and Alt #1. I am mainly gunning for everyone but Santa. Although if I do get him, I can get him to the grid because my main has enough rings for 1 5 star red.

I don’t really like either Grimble or Vela right now, but since i have no Blue 5s, I will use all my tokens in January only.

I’m praying SGG buffs Vela a bit until then just so I feel even worse when I don’t get them :smiley:

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Can we use our EHTs in Atlantis?

No. You can use EHTs while Atlantis is active, but it won’t be for the Atlantis portal.

Thanx for your quick reply. :blush:

You can save EHT’s for seasonal events. Christmas is over, the next will be springvale. You can try to pull the bunnies with EHT’s.

@amrath, here is the seasonal table calander:

So, the closest one is March and May we can use EHT at Springvale.

Thanks all…now all I’ve got to do is bookmark this :blush:

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