What Would You Change About my Defense Team?

Hi All!

I need some help please :smiley: Here is my defense team line up and a pic of my first three teams overall. I know that Skittleskull needs to be replaced and I’m thinking about choosing between Caedmon and Evelyn…although I need to just pick one cause it’s taking forever. He was my first four star green and I just kept leveling him up.

With what I have, is there a better order in which to place my defense team? I also recently got Tarlak and Lianna, however they are both at Lvl 1 right now while I build up some of my four stars. I just want to get my first team banging before I move on to leveling some of my other teams.

BTW, I switch out Hu Tao for Wu Kong when fighting Titans and battles.


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Caedmon if you are able to top him up, than Evelyn. I would do it this way, and change a bit order in your defence team.
Boltusk, Grimm, Hu Tao, Khiona, Caedmon


Hello and welcome to the forum!

You have some great heroes on the way.

Based in your current line up I would rearrange it as:

Grimm skittleskull Boldtusk Hu khiona

BT is a great tank and your khiona needs some levelling.

I also find that slow bombers at the back just don’t fire. The order I’ve suggested should give you a colour synergy and, if they fire simultaneously, work together.

Grimm will knock down defence before the others do their damage.

For the future, Evelyn is superb, if you have the tonics now. Otherwise finish Caedmon first. He’s a very practical hero.

Both Kunchen and zim are really great defence heroes and will help keep you in diamond when ready.


@JonahTheBard gave you best current, short and long term defense plan including the order of placement.


I like @JonahTheBard’s response. And so well mannered :+1:

I personally don’t like slow mana heroes but most are really are devasting when they get to fire

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Thank you all! I have set up my team and I’ll let you know how it goes! We’ve got an upcoming war and I’m very interested in how my team fairs. It does work very well when fighting in the Provinces. I’m working on Caedmon, since Mysterious Tonics are rare and I still need 3 more. Although the Sturdy Shields seem to be in low abundance as well.

agree, Boldtusk should be in the middle. Personally I’d put Khiona on behind your center, but she’s not strong enough yet to take lots of hits. Once she’s further along she can swap places with the panda.