What to do with all those 4* dupes

The cheap f!cker that I am, I have pretty much refused to feed away my 4* dupes so far. However by now they are taking up so much hero space that leveling is getting a little annoying and I also don’t really want to spend too many gems on additional space. Do you guys think there will be some kind of use for them in the near future except the (imo SUPER lame) special attack ascension thing? Maxing them is not an option since I already have 20 4* and a few 5* maxed.

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It’s my understanding that hero variety may be more important for the new class quests when they’re released, because you can only use certain classes of heroes for each quest. So you might end up having more use for 3-60 duplicates for those to fill in for when you can’t use another hero of choice.

Personally, I’m holding onto my duplicates for now until seeing how the new 2019 updates pan out. I bought some more roster space, it was worth the gems to me.

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They’re good for this thread.


So let’s be really honest here: you will never, ever level up more than three of even the best hero and never more than two of very good ones. Use extra cards as feeders.

I always keep one of every new card I get, tho—gotta get’m all!


I agree, it’s atypical to level more than 2-3 of the same hero, but some people do for event teams or War usage, though, no?

I’ve seen 4 Grimms, it’s true.


i have 3 Grimm right now (1 at 3-47, 2 at 1-1) … should i keep the 2 dupes and bring them to let’s say 3-60 (and having one maxed, does it make sense?

Furthermore i have
3 Danzaburo (1 maxed and 2 at 1-1)
2 Triton (1 maxed and one at 1-1)

For 3 stars:

2 Gato (1 maxed and one at 1-1)
3 Melia (1 maxed and 2 at 1-1)
2 Mnesseus(1 maxed and one at 1-1)
2 Gill-Ra and 2 Namahage (all at 1-1)

as you can see no real luck with my Atlantis Pulls regarding dupes…

i wonder what to do with them…

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Three of which hero?

I have 4 Grimm I am keeping for now at least. 1 maxed and 1 at 3-60. Haven’t decided on the other 2 as I have the space.

You can probably safely feed the rest of your extras as I don’t see a use for multiples of any. 3* I have very few left myself. Just some cool ones I like.

Three Boldtusks here (2x 4/70, 1x 3/60), started a fourth but abandoned him when I got my first Colen. Quite useful for wars for F2P and C2P players who get no or very few 5* healers.


I have 2 Bolds myself. 1 maxed and 1 at 3-60. Very useful for wars as healers are important.


Based on your mat situation, I would max a second. He is great for war.

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if the hero can be made in the training camps, there is no reason to keep more than 2 and that’s only after you have leveled heroes not found In training camps.

I just see it as wasted space to hold onto to people I know I can get again for free at some point.

I never keep more than two of a hero, MAYBE 3 if it’s a top notch hero for war purposes. The rest are just feeders like everything else.

You should keep 4 copies of a hero till his 7/8 skill level to make sure his 8/8
Will be 100%.
Its the best way for copies of same hero to use.

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Leveling a hero with its dupe increases the special up value instantly by 25% :slight_smile:
So if you got two ore more of the same hero to level its almost sure to up the special.
And a 4* gives also lots of power at once :wink:

==Thinning 4* Heroes==

I have very few 5*, but I have started to thin my 4* Heroes.

From the rumors, some 4* heroes - Rigard, Melendor, Jackal, Hansel, etc. - will be useful to have duplicates at 4* 3.60 for class quests, war and the teased raiding. I currently have Melendor at 1x 4* 4.70 and 2x 4* 3.60. I am shooting for Hansel at 1x 4* 4.70 and 2x 4* 3.60.

But I can never see keeping more than four 5* Heroes, even Joon. Even if they add trading between friends. Especially given how costly it is to level Joon to 5* 3.70 and he is one of the few 5* Heroes useful at 5* 3.70.


You might keep an extra of a really really good hero in case they add trading between friends.

This will be changing.

Beta is rumored to be testing a way to level max tier, max level heroes stuck at 3/8 to 6/8 specials skill ( Usually 3* Heroes ).

I am keeping 3x Brienne 3* 1.1 to level my 5/8 3* 3.50 Brienne when the rumored change happens to the live server.


I cant see any more than 2 of each if you already have everyone. I have every 4* in the game except for Sand and Easter heroes.

This is what I have kept.

BT - 2
Rigard - 2
Melendor - 2
Hansel - 2
Proteus - 2
Wilbur - 2
Wu -2
Merlin -2

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@Kerridoc I had a little duplication in my Atlantis draw. Do you have any advice who I should level first?



Second row, third column looks like the Bart one to me.


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