Too many HOTM

So I pulled Onatel with a token a few weeks ago, cool. Then I did two x 10 pulls of Atlantis today and both got me two bonus draws of Onatel for a total of 5.

I have been working on leveling Guinevere so I haven’t started on Onatel yet. My question is do I keep all 5? I don’t really want to feed a 5* but I feel having this many is a bit superfluous.

Any chance they put in and option to trade hero’s at some point? I was hoping for a GM or Kage or, you know, not 5 of the same one.

Keep 2 or 3, thats enough

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Best advice I’ve seen on the subject:

Trading heroes has been ruled out, unfortunately.

(@Kerridoc. @Coppersky, possible merge with this)

That’s kind of what I was figuring. Trading option would definitely be nice right now though. With this many I wouldn’t mind taking a loss trading for a 4* I don’t have or a 5* that people hate.

It’s unclear what the alchemy lab will allow just yet. It’s not impossible that heroes may be able to be converted into something else useful too. But I wouldn’t hold a ton of dupes forever just on the off-chance…


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