What path for emblems on Khiona?

Going with Attack Path!

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Having finished Scarlett+20 and lacking Jackal, I’ve chosen Khiona as my next project for Rogue emblems.

What path would you take with her?

She’s currently my defense team tank, eventually she could move to flank Mitsuko (once Magni is ready). Khiona’s likely going to stay on my defense team, for a long while until I get a better dark hero (my other choices are Quintus and Domitia).

Also Khiona mostly comes with me when I raid 3-2 with purple-red on my anti-Yellow tank team (usually with Wilbur and Red Hood assisting).

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Who are the other purples in your 3tack? I’m wondering if Khiona the killer paired with Kunchen / Aeron types or if she supports strong neighboring snipers like Sartana and Seshat types.

Greatly depends on the flanks of the yellow tank.

Her attack buff usually supports Domitia, Mitsuko or Red Hood, purely just for boosting SS damage and match damage overall

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She’s rogue, so there is only a path to take, only atk.

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Khiona’s stat line is almost comedically average: 739 / 708 / 1336. The average dark five star hero is 729 / 701 / 1357 (not updated since Seshat came out, but it shouldn’t have changed a ton since then). So she doesn’t immediately have a huge strength to boost.

What I’m thinking about is your usage right now versus in the future. As is, her talent is kind of wasted at tank, where it helps 0% against the tiles that will likely kill her. Boosting her Def/HP is the only way to improve her tank performance.

However, once you slide her to flank you’ll probably want the Atk path, since Evade will be more of a factor in her survivability (I also like that she can buff Joon from that position).

Finally, from the raid teams you posted I think her special skill direct damage is an important part of how you will inflict damage, which makes me again lean Atk. That’s how I’d go, ultimately and live with the less than optimal tank stats (which is probably the case even if you boost her Def/HP).

In calling Khiona’s stats ‘average’ I am by no means denigrating her. She’s good. Stats are only one part of a hero. I once posted that Evelyn had average stats for a five star nature hero - which is true - in a thread about her emblem path. Does’t make her not good.

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I agree with her average stats, lol :slight_smile: No offense or anything taken.

Thanks for your input, I was leaning attack since the attack path for rogues is just so good – @Scarecrow pointed this out too with his comment.

And yeeah, I don’t really plan to tank with her forever. I just want Magni to be done first, before I slide Mitsuko into tank (and Red Hood moves to a permanent offense role unless the family bonus changes things in the future).

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