What is my optimal defense team?

Hey everyone,

I was quite fortunate to summon some sweet sweet christmas heroes. Together with some other heroes I managed to pull I got a lot of new heroes. I have enough materials to ascend any 5* hero in any colour. On top of that I have enough emblems to do +18 on a single hero in any class(if I’m willing to take them off my 4* heroes). I am just not sure which heroes are the best to use on my defense team.

This leaves me with a couple of questions.
First, what is my optimal defense team?
Secondly what is my best defense team using a green tank for coordinated wars?
Lastly, what would be a nice team to rainbow raid with?

For now I am using Proteus+20, Boldtusk+20, Atomos+14, Ariel+18, Guardian Owl+18 as my defense team.

I was thinking something like Mother North, Alfrike, Santa Claus, Ariel, Guardian Owl. Like this I have very good heroes and a rainbow defense, big problem ofcourse being that they are together at a quite slow mana speed.

These are my heroes that I currently have:

You guys are awesome! Thanks a lot in advance!

You do t have one of the ideal green tanks, but of your choices, I’d say atamos.

There are enough rush events going on that alfrike is also a good tank.

Here’s my suggestion for a defense:

Mother North - Magni - Alfrike - Malosi - Sartana

That indeed does sound very good! I was thinking in similar ways but, with both alfrike and sartana I’m doubling up on wizard heroes and I don’t have the emblems to sustain 2 heroes of the same class. That being said malosi and atomos share emblems as well. I really would want a rainbow defense although I’m not sure how much worse it is to have one color double up.

Good points. I didn’t think about classes. I went fir element alone and just didn’t see a good fire option.

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