What does stunning a titan do?

I recently read @Duaneski excellent titan killing guide but didn’t see the answer to this.

Firing tiles into the Titan’s weak spot stuns it, but I haven’t worked out what the benefit is.

Can any learnèd mage enlighten me?

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Stops it from attacking for a few moments


It seems too short a time to do any good.

Is the idea that you can keep it quiet for most of the battle?

I usually play quite an unbalanced team, just because my 4s have only come in red and blue, so normally I’m just seeking my most damaging tiles, rather than targeting the weak spot.

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It can help, for example, if you have a hero that is just about to die, but has not fired his/her special yet.
That small delay can be critical to fire the special before the titan fires back.

Happens to me all the time :wink:


Omg what a glaring omission from my Titan guide haha! I’ll be sure to update it ASAP! :slight_smile:

If you successfully strike the titan’s weak spot with THREE tiles (or more) then the Titan becomes stunned.

The Titan stays stunned for ONE turn only. So you’ll get to use your specials and move another tile before the Titan attacks or uses his/her special attack.

If you do not stun him again, then he will be able to attack or special as normal after your next tile move.

When you’re significantly underpowered against titans, which most new players are of course :), stunning is critically important to doing damage. Because titans may OHK (one hit kill) your heroes. So five turns and you’re done.

I’ve used arrows to help. If I don’t quickly see a stun opportunity, I shoot arrows. I usually use 2 arrows per Titan attack…

I mentioned above the 3 tiles need to successfully hit the Titan. Some titans have blinding abilities. So it’s possible you could send a column of 3 into the weak spot, but one could “Miss.”

(Also: The 1 damage that occurs from a tile when a hero is “missing” is enough to count towards a stun)


Apparently for rare titans, the 1 hp hero missing damage tile will NOT count towards stunning it.


If you miss a weak point titan strikes back immediately after the last tile of a combo hit it. If you succeeded to hit a weak spot with three tiles or more Titan is stunned and doesn’t strike back this turn. It saves life of your heroes.


It’s more than saving hero lives
It may seem a short time, but in an extremely time limited battle it can make a huge difference getting your next shot in that much quicker as you don’t have to wait for the titan to strike each time.


Ahhhhhh!!! Good to know lol. Thank you


On a normal Titan, I stun more often than not. Every turn a Titan is stunned, he’s not firing at me, nor using his special.

“Stun is your friend.”

(You’ll have to ask those awesome guys who kill 12* Titans what different strategy they might use!)