Titan Stun


Has anyone else experienced a Titan attacking after you shoot three gems up vertically in its weakness? I’ve never experienced this before in 8 star Titans and lower but have experienced it with nine star Titans.

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So have I it seems some of the titans require 4 instead of 3 to stun. Go for combos on these titans.


Are either of you using WuKong in your Titan attack team?


No, I don’t have him. Is that my problem. Ha


I have you’ve answered my question Rook. Thank you


So, without Wu Kong, does it ever happen that 3 gems in the weak spot don’t stun the titan?


If you’re under a blinding curse, the gems might fail to hit.


Ok, so only if you’re under some kind of curse.

The reason I asked is because some guide says (quoting from memory) “high level titans are harder to stun”.


Never all the way up through 10* unless you have Wu or are facing an Emperor / Typhoon / similar.

3 tiles that actually hit in the weak spot will reliably stun a titan of any level currently in the game.

That guide is wrong, I remember reading that too at one point.


Aye, I got trolled by the guide into thinking that too, but it has never happened to me before. Make sure you bring antidotes for the silky-looking purple dragon (Yellow element). He blinds your entire team.


lol! I had to run off and check my compendium. It only says the word ‘stun’ once, and it just says 3 tiles.

So that was either an earlier edition before they changed something, or was from somewhere else. I do remember talk at one point about arrows not doing as well with higher titans though.

Edit: Just found it on the wiki. Looks like Dragone didn’t make the change there. Will edit when I’m home from work!


Rook, I have Wu Kong and I have seen a few times where the Titan is hit by at least 3 tiles, yes all of them scoring a hit, and not having the Titan stunned. It has only been on very rare occasions and it is usually when a large combination has occurred with multiple dragons, etc. I have wondered if so many combos and dragons were in motion if there could be small kink in the code. I haven’t been able to video this I’ve only see. It a few times.

I also lump this in a category of code issues I have seen so far. I have witnessed multiple times where I should have been granted a diamond from a combination, yet it was not produced. This happens far more often in Titan battles than any other battle. Agin, it is usually occurring when there are multiple combos occurring at the same time as dragons or diamonds being set off. In one instance there were 8 tiles staggered on each other in three rows of four and they only generated one dragon tile.

With both of these occurring under similar circumstances I can only assume it’s a code error. At least that is what Occhums Razor tells us. Maybe there have been other mentions of this on the forum here, but I didn’t search for it. I passed it off as a bug and forged ahead. To me it’s not worth complaining or messing with, but I’m sure the guys and gals documenting every detail of their battles will have better data than I do. For me that would take all the fun out of the game, but I sure am glad others are into the data. I’ve used their info on many occasions!


not every grouping of 5 gems clustered together generates a diamond. I’ve seen some shapes that don’t.

the only ones that I’ve noticed that do generate diamonds are ones that are technically two match 3s that share a single common tile:

  1. five in a row (horizontally or vertically)
  2. L shaped
    X X X

(or any of this shape flipped around as well)

  1. T-shaped



(or either of them flipped directions).

4 Cross-shaped

 X X X

things that don’t make a diamond are match 3 or 4s next to each other, like so;



Dante, I understand how Gems/Diamonds are produced however it is a great post for some of the newer players to understand what we are talking about. I specifically stated I have seen Gems not occur when they are in a known pattern which produces them. My example was a staggered three rows of the same colored tiles which should definitely produced a gem because a known pattern existed inside the combination. I was simply postulating there could be a bug in the code when multiple combinations and different special tiles are occurring at the same time. It could simply be a hierarchy code issue based on how the gems or dragons are awarded during multiple combinations.


@ZayneVos you make an interesting point. If I understand it:

You get two match-3s side by side, offset by one row. Like these Red tiles:


Here, even though there are six gems falling, there’s no gem. I think that’s as it should be.

You postulate a bigger clump, like this:


which is seen by the system as three match-3s, so no gem or dragon is created, even though there’s a valid gem-creating configuration in there (capital Rs below):


so I agree that this is a bug caused by the system evaluating this as three match-3s. @Petri could this be put on a bug list, please?


sure there could be a code bug. but without a screenshot i’d chalk it up to “you didn’t see what you thought you did because it was going fast” or was one of those multiple match3s next to but not joined together.

my data was in general geared for people to see what makes diamonds and what doesn’t. I have no idea who knows what. :). as much as i’d like to read minds, sadly my programming removed that in my last update.


Though it would be nice to get a gem from this, I expect the game would evaluate this as three vertical matches, rather than a ‘T’ shape. Clearing the max number of tiles. Otherwise some of those reds would have to remain on the board.


I’m not 100%, but I think on rare titans if you hit with 3 of a color thats not in your roster (hero missing message) that it doesn’t stun them.


I bet you were hitting a rare titan with the color it reflects. That’s the only other case which doesn’t stun a titan in addition to missing shields because of wu, blind etc.


This is actually the opposite. A missing, non-reflected color is guaranteed to stun with three tiles on the soft spot, as will three tiles from a color with only dead heroes. If you have heroes alive that are Wu’d or blinded, though, you can miss the stun.