What attack buffs stack?

TL;DR what are “similar effects” on Tarlak’s card?

Say I have Boldtusk, Tarlak, and Ranvir, and play them on the same team.

Boldtusk gives +48%
Tarlak gives +100% which “stacks with similar effects up to a max of 160%”
Ranvir gives +195% with 35% chance to miss

would combining them give a max of +343% (with 35% chance to miss), or would it be +243% (with 35% chance to miss), since Tarlak only goes up to 160% and Boldtusk and Ranvir take it to +243% already?

The crux of the question is whether it makes sense to play Tarlak with Ranvir (or Wu Kong). If they don’t stack, then there’s really no benefit to pairing them. On my blue titan team i’ve been running Tarlak / Fogg / Greg / Lianna / Lianna and getting outstanding results. My purple team has been Tarlak / Joon / Malosi / Onatel / Leonidas with good results. Recently I started putting in Ranvir for Onatel and the results were disappointing - seeing tile damage with both Tarlak and Ranvir active not substantially higher than when I didn’t have Ranvir in, but with misses obviously.

Just wondering if I should keep it up and hope for the law of averages to catch up, or if they just don’t stack and that’s why my numbers are so poor.

Tarlak and Ranvier/Wu kong do not stack and overwrite each other so you should not play them together. hence the disappointing score

If you read the card, Tarlak effect will stack, the other that you mentioned won’t and they will overwrite each other and the only boost that you will get if the one that you fire last

They stack, but it’s still not a good idea to pair tarlak or miki with ranvir or wu.

That’s the important part of tarlaks special.
If you use tarlak and any other hero who pushes your damage it’s locked at 160%
So tarlak and ranvir stack, but the highest you can reach is 160% that’s even worse than ranvir alone and you still get the miss from ranvir. So NEVER use tarlak/miki and ranvir/wu at the same team.

You can use boldtusk or kiril or some banners or pretty much everything else that gives you atk+.

Miki and tarlak work similar, so here some images:

You can see, the damage with wu alone is even a little bit higher (+185%) as with wu and miki (130% +185%, but caped at 170%)

It doesn’t matter who you fire first, at least with miki and I’m pretty sure with tarlak it’s exactly the same. At least the card reads identical.

so that brings the obvious followup question. if they don’t stack, should one play Tarlak (+100% with no miss) or Ranvir (+195% with 35% miss)?

in my opinion, Tarlak is better. Lower ceiling, but no misses and higher survivability (due to not missing on weak spots).

I would use tarlak. With some banners or other Atk+ the total damage in the end is higher than the average damage done with ranvir when one third of the stones miss.

Only against dark titans, ranvir could be more useful because of his color.

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You forgot to ask what happens when you bring Jott or Ratatoskr into the mix since they impact TILE attack power…

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