What are the most useful quests, like Recruits II

What are the best quests to get good rewards? Obviously all with diamonds, but are there any similiar ones to Recruits II from which you can get a troop token by completing all stages?

No, Find Recruits II seems to be the only one providing it.

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So basically only Recruits II and diamond quests provide the most useful items? Though some quests might give you a token for the daily summon portal to get feeders (or if you are really lucky actually something good).

This thread is a good read for what is and what isn’t worth it. While I agree with the data I arrive at different conclusions.

There’s also a few other threads with various takes. Time management is certainly a perspective I had not previously thought of before reading.



Battle Items II
Recruits I (first stage only)
Gain Experience


Battle Items II (for Raid Energy Refill, 50% chance)
Recruits II (for Epic Troop Token, 50% chance)
Gems I and II (for gems)
Gather Resources (for Summon Token, useful for PoV Summon challenge and good source of troops)


Any quest that starts with 3 WE is good. Example: Find Crafting Materials 1 (common). Even though the item rewards are not great, the xp/iron/food reward per red flag are amongst the top. Personally amongst quests the only useless are:

Find Recruits 1 (common) - the rewards of food/iron/xp/rec per red flag are pretty disappointing, and there isn’t any secret reward from this one. If you want recruits and you’re given the option of this quest, better go farm S1 8-7 or even 6-8.

Find Crafting Materials 2 (uncommon) - again, the food/iron/xp/rec per red flag are way too low, and there isn’t much else going on.

Find Battle Items 1 (common) - the items are underwhelming, pretty cheap to craft, and the red flag requirement is too high.

All of the remaining quests are good. There are some like the Gain Experience quest that need serious re-evalutation when there is a farming event running (Atlantis Rising, Challenge Event) but all of them have the edge over simply farming S1 8-7, 17-1 or 20-4.

Edit: Despite the fact that I deemed the upper three quests as not worth it, their first chapter is somewhat ok to complete. Still worse than S1 12-9 mind you.


Other players have pointed it out, and I agree with it.

Basically these are the Quest you need to complete :
All Trial Quest (for emblems obviously)
All Rare quest (for mats)
Gems (I and II especially if you are F2P)
Recruit II (probability of ETT)
Battle Item II (Only if it have raid flask as reward)
Resources (Food - Iron - Summon Token)

For other quest, usually I only play the stages that only need 3 or 4 flags (the 1st or sometime 2nd stages). The exp you’ll get from it will be higher than s1 stages (with the same cost of 3 or 4 flags).

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I’d only add to that for the newer players:

Trials quests stage 1 can be completed with one, and I mean one 3* fully leveled and ascended from the proper type. For example, I beat the sorc emblem quest with 1*Graymane lvl 50. All you need is the smaller healing potions, axes and arrows for the bosses.

Trials quest stage 2 already requires a better complement of heroes, but 4 fully leveled 3* are usually sufficient + the same battle items as above.

Trials quest stage 3 requires a full team of carefully picked 4* or higher heroes of the type of the quest, so don’t bother with it until much later unless you want to waste 20 flags.

Rare quests can be completed up to the last stage with a team of fully leveled 3* - rainbow is fine, but color stacked of the right type is even better. Same items as above needed to complete it. It is essential to start assembling those 3* unfarmable mats from the rare quests as soon as you have a rainbow team of 3*!

Rare quests last stage can be completed with a team of 3*, two healers required, also Axes, Arrows, Bomb attacks and minor mana potions to charge the healers (so forge level 12). But it’s better and safer to complete rare quest last stage with at least a couple of 3/60 4* heroes in the mix - they still have more attack, hp and defense compared to any S1 3* hero.

Just clarifying here so that people don’t repeat my mistake - when I first managed to beat a rare quest up to the last stage, I wasted 20 flags and some items on an attempt to beat the last stage.


Not quite right on the quests starting with 4 flags, like Find Crafting Materials II for example. These 4-flags starting stages give less xp (1300 total, 325 per red flag) than S1 12-9 which is also a 4-flag, and less xp per flag compared to S1 17-1 and 20-4.

Yes thank you for pointing it out. Actually i was refering to 2nd quest stage that cost 4 flags.

Anyway you can always use your flag somewhere else since the reward for quest other than gems, recruit II, and battle item II (raid flask) are not that attractive


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