Are quests worth the energy? - Guide


Are quests worth the energy?

Are quests levels more profitable? Are they worth the time and literal energy?

How rewards work

There are three main types of quests: Common, Uncommon and Rare. Inside the same rarity, they are pretty much identical an with same values, only changing that one featured resource. How much they cost also varies.

For common and uncommon quests, the rewards are these:

LVL	XP	Food	Iron	Recruit	Item
1	1300	2400	5300	5	8
2	1700	3200	6800	6	9
3	2850	4500	9500	9	12

The main change between those 2 types is the amount and quality of the featured reward.

Rare quests look like this:

LVL	XP	Food	Iron	Recruit	Item
1	1300	2400	5300	5	7
2	1700	3200	6800	6	8
3	2850	4500	9000	7	9
4	2970	4700	9200	8	10
5	3020	5000	9500	9	11

So, is it worth it?

I’ll consider two main player types, the guys that is still trying to get out of the 2* and 3* and is still trying to finish the campaign and the ones that are pretty much at the end game, done or almost with the campaign and working on 4* and 5*.

As always, starting with the answer and the explaining is bellow it:

  1. Find Battle Items: Avoid it. Acceptable for low power players, awful for high power players (unless you want those items).
  2. Find Crafting Items: Must do, awesome XP for all players.
  3. Gain Experience: Must do, really awesome XP for all players.
  4. Find Recruit: Do only the first level, the first level is highly profitable to everyone.
  5. Collect Gems: Must do, you want any gems you can get.
  6. Mine Iron: Must do if you want Iron, it is worth it to all levels, especially low power players.
  7. Gather Food: Must do, really, really good for farming food for everyone.
  8. Scavenge Resources: Must do, pretty much as good as farming the best campaign level.
  9. Rare Quests: Only if you need the items. First level has a decent reward for low power players.

*Not enough data to figure out uncommons yet.

Let us see case by case:

Find Battle Items

For the end game players, the answer is a strong HELL NO. Not only the levels give little XP, their rewards are also not that good (with few exceptions) or give less than a higher campaign level.

Compare the “Find Battle Items” with 12-9:

LVL	Energy	XP	Food	Iron	Recruit	Item
FBI-1	4	1300	2400	5300	5	8
12-9	4	1387	2402	5436	9	18

It is undeniable that farming 12-9 is more profitable than the quest LVL. Things get worse for FBI-2 and 3. Their XP/energy is: FBI-1 325; FBI-2 283.33; FBI-3 285. Things are as bad for Iron, Food, Items and recruits. Unless you want those items, they are not worth your time and energy.

For lower players, which are stuck in the 3-4 energy provinces of the campaign, things look a lot better. The max EXP those players get from those levels is between 285.67-346.75, so it’s not that bad if you are stuck farming 8-7, for example.

Find Crafting Items

This is actually a perfect quest to farm XP, since the levels have such low energy costs: FCI-1 433.33 XP/energy, FCI-2 425, FCI-3 570. Compare that to the max 405.29 XP/energy available in the campaign.

Gain Experience

The XP/energy is the following: GE-1 433.33, GE-2 325.00 and GE-3 831.25. In total, doing all 3 levels gives you a 565.17 XP/energy, which is a lot higher the max XP/energy of the campaign (which is 405.29).

Find Recruit

This one is a good example of how misleading the “big rewards” can be:

LVL	Energy	Recruit	Recruit/Energy
FR-1	4	15	3.75
FR-2	8	20	2.5
FR-3	10	30	3
8-7	3	8-10	2.66-3.33

As you can see, only the first level has a higher Recruit/Energy than the best level to farm recruits in the campaign. Add the fact that lvl 2 and 3 gives lower XP, iron, food and general items, it is a bad deal.

Farming 8-7 for the same 18 energies and doing FR-2 and 3 will reward you with:

LVL		XP	Food		Iron		Recruit	Item
FR-2 FR-3	4,550	7,700		16,300		50	56
8-7 x 6		4,902	9,030-10,224	19,890-22,554	48-60	102-120

Result, do only the first level, want some more recruits? Farm 8-7.

Collect Gems

There is nothing to discuss, it is gems, do it.

Mine Iron

Start by considering if you really want more iron… If you do, completing all 3 levels will reward you 57,100 iron; about 4.4k per energy. A lot higher than the max 1,500 iron per energy in the campaign.

Gather Food

If you need food, doing all 3 will get you 25,800 food; about 1,984 per energy. The best rate in the campaign is 665 food per energy. It is a really good deal.

Scavenge Resources

If you need the token at the end, there is nothing to discuss, do it. But, even if you don’t really need the token at the end of the rainbow, the amount farmed with 15 energies it is pretty similar to using 14 energies on the most profitable campaign level.

LVL		XP	Food	Iron	Recruit	Item
SR-1 to 3	5,850	10,300	23,250	20	27
23-11 x 2	5,674	9,280	20256	20	44	

Rare Quests

Rare quests have the lowest XP/energy, same for all the other resources: food, iron, recruits, total items. The only reason you want to spend 60 energy in this is if you really need the rewards.

For low levels, you should do the first level, it has a decent loot, just like “Find Battle Items”.

Uncommon Quests

Since only two ever showed up (and I have the data for one of them), it is hard to say, but the one that did was quite useless. As you can see bellow, the loot was the same, the one change was the quality of the items. So unless you want the item, it wasn’t worth your energy.

Find Battle Items Common)

LVL	Energy	XP	Food	Iron	Recruit	Item
1	4	1300	2400	5300	5	8
2	6	1700	3200	6800	6	9
3	10	2850	4500	9500	9	12

Find Battle Items II (Uncommon)

LVL	Energy	XP	Food	Iron	Recruit	Item
1	4	1300	2400	5300	5	9
2	8	1700	3200	6800	6	10
3	12	2850	4500	9500	9	12

Whether the other versions are worth your effort is a matter of how much is the reward of that featured resource. The only one I can guarantee is good is the Gem one, I do not care how much it costs, do it! The rest I plan to expand this post as they show up.

Important: the two that did show up had one unlisted reward in the last level, a troop token and a raid flask. It’s not clear if they will all have such items, if they do, that would make all of them a Must do just for the end reward just like Rare quests.

Data for the quest levels:

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Are common quests worth the energy?

Nice write up. Thank you for putting the time and energy into it!


There were two uncommon quests back to back. The first had the non-posted reward of an epic troop token and the other the non-posted reward of a raid energy flask.


I must have missed one then. And that non-posted reward was definitely something I forgot about. If it’s something all uncommon will have, that is a must do then.


One of the uncommon was Finding Recruits II


Def missed it, but will keep that in mind and check next uncommon ones for “special” rewards. :slight_smile:


Rare Quests have had a significant reduction in item drops. For example items like warm capes and Compasses used to be in the hard or 2nd to the last stage of a rare quest. Now to get these items you have to beat the hardest stage. Final stage items like trap tools are no where to be found.

Green or nature rare quest is completely useless. Red was no better. Blue still stands as the better of the rare quests. I’ve seen purple one time and never yellow. Blue Red and Green rare quests are almost exclusively rotated with a once in a great while addition of a purple.

Are these rare quests worth it? They used to be.


Saw your update about the unlisted rewards, not a big deal but you put alliance flask when it was a raid flask


Really great write up. Kudos.


The last two runs of uncommon find battlenitems II did not have the raid flask so ypu should probably delete from chart.
@Petri any insight into this? Will uncommon quests have a hidden reward for 1st run through? I’m wondering if the recruits II will still have the epic troop coin


I noticed that too…


Makss a big difference on recruits II. With token I’m doing it, w/o nope


Agreed, but I did noticed that’s they switched the flask for meteor bombs: 2 Super Mana Potion + 1 Raid Flask (first 2 times) and 2 Meteor Bomb + 2 Super Antidote now.

I think they fixed it being “hidden”, but it’s not a guarantee. Later with more time I’lol update the text to reflect those findings.


Thanks fornthe reminder. Now I know why i didnt post the 2nd time it came up. It could be variable rewards and first time they erred and all rewards came through.
I’d still like to know @Petri if we can expect other hiddens 1st or random times thru from uncommon quests or others


So the 2nd run of recruits II didn’t have the epic coin.
I guess my questions are:
Were the hidden bonus items on purpose or accident?
Were they 1st time only or could they appear again?
Can we expect hidden items in other new uncommon quests? At least 1st run through?

@Petri I think this warrants a response so we know what to expect from gameplay


I got a response from Petri via support stating that certain quests have extra rewards. I emailed back for some more clarification as it seems to change


Recruits II had the extra coin a couple days ago.


I’ve gotten the coin in 2 out of 4 runs. The last run only had the coin for some as at least two in my alliance did not get one.


Maybe it’s a roll/chance then? :0


Thats what I’m trying to gey from support, but they are extremely slow in response