Epic troop token and autoplay questions


First post on the forum!

We had a long discussion in our alliance and I am looking for answers.

  1. Regarding epic troop tokens, my understanding from my 8 months playing is that you may or may not win one at the end of the quest for recruts II, but that this is the same result for everyone. Is that true?

Some people in my alliance are saying that the quests for recruts I is the one to do for Epic troop tokens. I think this is incorrect and I think you can’t win epic troop tokens in the quest for recruts I.

  1. We also had a discussion regarding autoplay. Some people are saying that if we activate autoplay to fill chests, the loot is worse. I also think this is incorrect and that the loot is completely random.

Thanks for answering me :slight_smile: . I would like to end this discussion.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section!


Welcome to the Forum!

I think you are correct on every count and should henceforth use every opportunity to tell your alliance members that you were right and they were wrong.

  1. Recruits II / Recruits 2 - Epic Troop Token log - 50% of chance of universal token drop per spawn - July 15 = NO
    Whenever you see Find recruits II, check this thread to see if there is a ETT or not.
  2. First time i see this question but i would say RNG doesn’t care if you autoplay or not :rofl:
  3. You are right, so show your alliance pals who’s the boss ! :crazy_face:

For at least the last month Recruits II has been giving troop tokens to everyone that finishes.

Except the current one


I was hoping the trend would keep going. I was just about to do the current one.

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Don’t bother… unless u actually need recruits

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Eddard from King of the North studied this. Maybe he will weigh in.

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To be clear:

  • Recruits II either has an ETT or it doesn’t. If it has it, everyone who completes the quest gets it. Otherwise no one gets it.
  • Recruits I never has an ETT.

Thanks to everyone for your answers. Even though this is my first time posting on the forum, I read a lot of stuff everyday and this is frustrating when my own alliance does not trust me…


There are always plenty of people here ready to help with questions. Some even know the correct answers!


And ^^^^ this.
Have you already told them about 10 times every last hour that they need to trust you and you are right?


I don’t think autoplay is a factor when it comes to monster chest quality.

As for recruit quests, personally I always do all of them regardless whether there is a token or not. Recruits are always needed.

The upper levels of the Recruits quests give fewer recruits/energy than 8-7, with worse crafting loot.


Seriously though, how many Yetis can a man kill in a day??!!


You are correct, but based on having read these boards for a few months now, if someone is convinced that “X makes the loot worse”, you will never convince them otherwise. Confirmation bias is a thing.


Adding to the recruits quest dialogue:

  1. Always do stage 1 of the common and uncommon quests. The amount of recruits per energy is worth it.
  2. Stage 2 and 3 of both quests aren’t worth it. Only complete the uncommon one if there is an epic troop token at the end.
  3. If no token, and you still need recruits, go do stage 8-7 in season 1. During Atlantis Rises, stage 15-9 normal in season 2 is the best one.

You remind me of a classic from our bard laureate:


Facts and truth fair poorly when competing against faith and what people WANT to believe.


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