What 4* or 5* heroes should I be focusing on first?

Well when I asked this question on the game the answers were all over the map. I’ve looked up the Guides I could find and it seemed to be the same. So about my play style. Wars-YES, Raids-YES, Titans-YES and Quests-YES. But I’m new still and my TC’s are only 14. So what I have is below and need some advice in leveling priority for each color. If you have reasoning why the choice that would help tons!

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Hello, and welcome to forum.
IMO, in order from left to right priority:

Jackal, Finish Hu Tao, Ranvir, Chao to 3.60, Li Xiu to 3.60, Rana, Wu Kong to 3.60, Inari, Vivica

Proteus, Finish Cyprian, Rigard, Seshat, Merlin, Sabina, Kunchen (as tank, but Yunan is also best)

Boldtusk, Finish Wilbur, Falcon, Anzogh or Mitsuko

Kiril, Sonya, Triton, Frida (or Arthur), Misandra, Lepus, Magni

Finish Melendor, Hansel, Caedmon, Morgan, Yunan, Lianna

You already have some maxed *5, TC is not the only paramater that you are new I think.


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I think you need more 4* heroes maxed before focusing on any other 5*s. Remember that 4*s can compete in the Epic and Legendary events, whereas the 5*s are restricted to Legendary only. So even if you have Ranvir I would still recommend leveling up Wu Kong for e.g…

My picks for who you should max first:

  • Wu Kong
  • Proteus
  • Wilbur
  • Kiril
  • Hansel

Agree with DaveCozy to concentrate on your 4* first. You will get them maxed much quicker than the 5* and they will be effective in many areas of the game, and will let you get to 6 effective teams for wars quicker. Once you have 3-4 maxed 4* each colour then work on the 5*.

First I’d work on are: Wu for Titans, Rigard/Tibertus, BT/Wilbur, Kiril/Sonya, Caedmon/Hansel. They will be generally useful even when you have maxed 5*.

BTW you have an impressive collection of 5* already there.


Thank you for the advice. Looks like I should work on my 4*

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I really never looked at it that way. Thank you

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