We want you!

Hi all,

Our allliance

Undead Internationals

is looking for new members. We have a good core group of players who have a lot of fun playing together. If you don’t mind some friendly banter, you are a teamplayer and you can hit titans daily, we are looking for you. We have a coordinated war strategy which has been working quite well but is not overbearing and does not require you to lose your life. If opted in, we require all members however to use their flags.

We are a mixed but friendly bunch, most members are UK based, but we have players from the other side of the pond, Australia and continental Europe as well. We have experienced players and some newbies who have beeen playing for a couple of months.

We are hitting 8* titans atm.

If you are interested, message me here or request a join and let’s have a chat in EP or on line (@mrlaszlo).

Take care everyone!

Suggestion, add what level of titan you’re hitting.


Thanks, I have added that information.

Guys and gals, come check us out! Now is the time. We are moving up with the titans and are on a war winning streak!

I’m on a alliance that kills 7-8* titans. I am always at the top 5. Same thing with wars. Do you think i could fit in? I’m deadly bored.

Hi Zombie, I think you would like it with us. What are you looking for exactly? There are people in our ally who like to chat about the game and other topics if that’s what you like. I don’t think that you would be bored.

Hit me up on line @mrlaszlo if you have any questions or just give us a shot and join us and see if would be a fit. We have some strong players!

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