Feeling lonely

Calling on any Welsh or any other nations to join our small alliance. We are looking to develop, learn from each other and have a great time. Please consider us … The Tawe rebels. Thanks for reading this.


Hey I’m not sure if you all would be willing to come over to The Departed? We have 11 spots open very active but chill mature alliance. Currently we’re killing 5-6 star titans but with a few more hitters could easily be killing around 7-8 star titans. Our alliance has players of all levels and war isn’t required but if you aren’t going to participate we ask players to opt out. If you’re interested or have any questions please let me know.

Why do you ask them to come to you and not vice-versa?

I looked the alliance up and they have 6 we have 19 seems easier. What would be the proper etiquette? Should I make a separate post?

No, it’s okay.

Just thought:
If I founded an ally and was looking for some fellows, I wouldn’t like to give it up and ask my team to move elsewhere.

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I hear you. I figured I’d let the OP know they have an additional option if interested. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.


Thanks for the offer!!! We are looking to recruit not join with others. Good luck in your quest .