[WARNING] A Summons Experience Vol 2 -- Chasing NINJAS... Whatever the cost

Isn’t that 140 summons of 2600gems making 364.000 gems ?

Just want to mention, these 17 minutes aren’t the whole summoning which Ta Gon did.

I watched the original video made by his alliance teammate Sovarie from the Russian alliance Ковчег (a.k.a. Coffin). There Sovarie explained that he only cut it to 17 minutes of the whole summoning process, where the whole original summoning video which Ta Gon sent him was more than 40 minutes long…and it was absolutely the same blazing 10x summons followed by purchasing multiple 50k gems. That of course means that the money he spent on gems are far more than shown in the video.


Hi Guv. As always thanks for the content and the effort you went too in preparing the content… that is a lot of cash and if you assume that a similar mind set is applied across events chasing new shiny heros, the cost becomes even more scary… it’s just a game, and as you said it is a personal call, he is likely to be a very rich person who considered $3.5k to be the same at $10 to the majority of us.

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I have to agree that Jo Seon is in all likelihood well to do. Personally you should never ever go over your head as this is just a game. However, who are we to judge another persons discretionary income? Crazy pulls though!!! Kinda mind boggling!


I don’t judge here, just wanted to clarify.

Otherwise my opinion always was that the moment someone starts pouring tons of money to get otherwise unattainable combinations and amounts of OP 5* heroes, that person himself is already a huge disbalance to the game. Yes, many do it, yet it doesn’t change the fact.


Interesting; I didn’t realise that. Must have missed it in the Closed Captions (unfortunately I don’t speak russian myself :frowning:

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Wow its even more :open_mouth: nice video guv :+1:

“gets alot of the hotm… Hotm… Who ever that is” :rofl: cracked me up… :sob:


Yeah honestly struggled for a bit there… I thought in my head it was Iris but didn’t want to say the wrong name and get crucified haha… So played dumb instead XD


Thanks for this. Unfortunately I fear that the people who most need to see it either won’t, or won’t come away with what they should.

I read the Panther post months ago and it made an impression, but this just really drives it home.

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Yea this game is a addicted gamblers worst nightmare. I used to spend a couple hundred USD a month. I try to spend much less now. I was extremely lucky. I pulled Ruby 2 towers ago with 1 ten pull. Pulled Zircon this time with one 10 pull. I never spent much on the Ninjas. Just a few of the deals. I have Ruby, Cobalt, Zircon, Mica. I have Jade also but wont give her tonics. I have 103 maxed fives. I really dont need anymore. Well thanks for putting out the info for people. New comers…please don’t summon just for heroes. If you have more heroes than ascension materials…hold off. TRUST ME!!!

When Ninjas first came out, one player i heard made 2300 pulls, and did not get Cobalt. i did the math and that equates to roughly 6 grand.

And its these players that sg cater to, the bait and switch business model. They have the wealth to do stupid pulls like this, they dont care. If one hero gets nurfed and another buffed, who cares, spend til they get it.

If one can do this, others do. Cherry on top, add in pulls from all active players and you have greedy SG taking advantage of peoples gambling nature

This makes me so sad to watch. What if just half of that money, or even less, had been spend on caring for those, who have lost their home in these war-crimes recently instead :disappointed_relieved: Or another charity, that could turn someones life around :pray: No judgement on my part at all - it just, truthfully, makes me sad, to look at things in perspective like that given everything that is going on. :broken_heart:

This month I am getting Kara and I don’t care if my 2 year old has to cut from two to one meal a day

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No reply necessary;

I have a life beyond E&P. I make very good money, have both IRA and 401K accounts … readers digest version money is not an issue.
I knew what I was doing and had intended to go above my monthly budget. Yes, yes to the point.
Wo3K very much appealed to me so I spent this:


Btw I did not get the hero I actually was chasing.

Just for reference a typical month (season 5)


Then I was in the middle of Gargoyles who I really liked when this was announced;

Imagine my disgust as I read the changes.

I have stopped the Gargoyle event here:


I will still play and spend on the offers that i feel are a good deal for me. But I think that this kind of spending is futile since it appears that in the end you’ve just got altered pixels as opposed to the ones you originally desired.

My advice is to set your budget, stay within it, and expect the unexpected. I have more excitement in the portals when I get the occasional surprise. :grin:


Stop buying gems and use the money for a garden.


One option to stick to a budget is to add say 100US$ to play credit :credit_card: (Google Play) then immediately remove credit card from store for the month. It can cut back on impulse buying and it’s easier to keep track whatever anyone’s budget is.

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