[WARNING] A Summons Experience Vol 2 -- Chasing NINJAS... Whatever the cost

A Summons Experience Volume 2 – Chasing NINJAS… Whatever the cost

This post is just a quick summary & warning of the dangers associated with “chasing” specific heroes… This video (below) is not my own OC; I have simply done an English Dubbing / React to the video.


  • This is NOT my summons… And I repeat that, this is not me personally. That would be Ta Gon

  • The video is not my own, I am doing a dubbing of the video posted by Sovarie

  • Original video is spoken in Russian with Korean hero names. I will just be voice-over

  • Please Please Please!! Always set your budget for summons based on your own financial situations… And most importantly, STICK TO THEM!!!

Getting Help

Loot Boxes and the “Gatcha” model that these “Card Collecting” games are based on can be, and often is, highly addictive… Its an unfortunate fact.
If you are in over your head or think you are addicted/ need help, PLEASE contact someone… be it a friend, a family member or a support service.
There are people around you that will help.

A quick google search will help you find a local Gambling Support agency but here is a massive list:

The Summons!

The Summary & Cost


  • Total of over 100 coin summons

  • Conducted approximately 1,400 gem summons

  • Total Gem Cost approximately 364,000

  • Total approximate US$ Cost (ex taxes) = $3,639.636
    Based on 10,000 gems for $99.99 USD (+ taxes)

Final notes


thanks for sharing this warning! it’s really important everyone realize the odds and the dangers… :slight_smile:


$3,640 in one portal.
how many previous portals… 100?
I watched
And still don’t believe it.
This is just unimaginable. Will he do it all again when Peridot and Topaz get a costume?

@Tortumini05, come here and feel better.

Thanks @Guvnor for the nightmares awaiting me of my boy messing around with my phone.
What a bone chilling experience this was for me.

And a huge thanks, and monstrous shout-out to:
Ta Gon for such a vivid display of the cost!
An important share, that may… even if just once… direct someone onto a better path.


ESPECIALLY the dangers!


I understand he has ALL the heroes. It’s not limited to this portal.


surprise o.o much money

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Thx @Guvnor for the video.

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Thanks for this @Guvnor. Shared with my alliance …:scream::exploding_head:

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Thanks for sharing, it’s very interesting to see the odds of chasing specific heroes!

Lol funnily enough he had way better odds of pulling 5* ninjas that I did. The one thing that drives me nuts is the cost of 10,000 gems in my country is $160 which feels like way too expensive…

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:wink: you wouldn’t happen to be an Aussie also?


I am indeed! G’day :stuck_out_tongue:

Also this is a little trippy, but my ninja pulls yielded the exact same first 5 five ninjas that this user pulled…Ruby, Quartz, Quartz, Cobalt, Jade. I kid you not! Except for me it was across two different accounts hah.

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I did go thru and calculate it a while back; the $ for $ on deals is actually very close when you consider taxes.

99.99 USD for 10k gems.
159.99 AUD for 10k gems.

Taking the 99.99 USD and converting to AUD = 99.99*1.41 {current exchange rate} = 140.9859
Then add on the 10% GST in Aus = 140.9859 * 1.1 = 155.08449

So it’s 155.09 via direct exchange rate vs. the fixed store price of 159.99

pretty close really… back-calculating it, the “fixed exchange rate” used is: 1.455 USD/AUD… which is a bit higher than what we normally see… at least recently… But certainly not out of the question:


Right I see, thanks for doing that calculation. I tend to forget there’s the 10% GST since it’s already included in everything we buy here and it’s not something I factor in (gosh I’m gonna be in for a real surprise if I ever visit the States haha). Thanks for clarifying mate!

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And he did not even get Mica :slight_smile:


Yup, but as I say in the stream, Ta Gon already had all the other ninja’s from previous portals. This summons was specifcally ONLY to get the two new ones: Peridot and Topaz.


Yeap, I wrote that half as a joke and half as “if you would have expected him to get during this number of summons all of the Ninjas, you’re wrong”

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And for the Valentine’s day significant other they get stale chocolate and grocery store flowers… Ppl spend their money. Perhaps that was pocket change to him… Point is u can’t judge ppl spending habits without knowing all the info. Even then…Who cares??? It’s their money not yours :laughing:

My question is… When do we hold accountable the addict instead of always just the provider. Yes there are gambling addictions but there’s alcohol…drugs…so many others.
Oh well. On to getting drunk and doin a few more pulls just cuz.

Happy gaming.

Ps. Should not be a reply to u guv. :laughing: still can’t get this *** right


The importance of setting budgets and playing with what you have is the most important message I will ever tell people.

Envy is an easy thing and if you dig deep enough in this forum there’s many sad tales of people falling down the rabbit hole. People have spent rent, had Credit Card companies freeze cards. Then the regret…

In this game (and life in general) there will always be people who have access to wealth you do not. And it’s easy to get sucked into it. Ta Gon just dropped more in that single moment than I drop in a whole year. My spend would feel like crazy numbers to someone who in F2P or VC2P.

But here’s the thing…it doesn’t matter unless you want to be the best at this. And here’s the thing about that…this game is anonymous. No one knows you from Adam in the real world so if being the biggest spender in a mobile game gets your Ego all polished then fair play to you. But no one puts “Number 1 Empires and Puzzles Player” on there LinkedIn profile :joy:


It’s just one thing to read the stats and numbers

And another thing all together…to watch the boundaries get explored without concern.


I actually put it on my LinkedIn profile, and as this game is anonymous, who can prove I’m not ?