#warcry# co-leader Orphaned at Profile Level 45

Alliance Leader didn’t like me being on top. Felt it made him look small. So he left me for a player not so strong. HMMPH! guy thought women should weak, silent and horizontal.

I am looking for strong players to support my defense. Join LadyofMercy at #warcry# for the Titan Time of Your Life. Daily chats & laughter galore!

@Rook @zephyr1 possible merger or closure duplicate recruitment post here

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#warcry# leader steps down after co-leader makes record-breaking score in bringing down a 7* Titan. Soon after, Leader’s male counterparts depart as well. The untimely departure left girl player without an Alliance. Now orphaned girl is looking to start her own Alliance. Will You Help!?

Calling all strong players! join LadyO and help her build an Alliance of her own. LadyofMercy’s highest Team Power is at 4222 , while her lowest team power is a threatening 2870.
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JOIN ME @ #warcry# and help share ownership of this abandoned alliance.

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Good luck with your Alliance. You sound like a fun person, too bad you got orphaned. If you decide to not start a new alliance you’re certainly welcome to hangout with us at Strange Circles.

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Thank you, Strange Circles. I will most certainly keep you in mind! awesome u!

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Starting a new alliance can be rough, but may be the challenge you’re looking for :laughing: If not, post an ‘I need a fantastic alliance!’ Thread and you will be overwhelmed. Lol. You seem like you have a great sense of humor… I’m sure many would make you offers fast!

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My advice is join another alliance would be the easier option.


Kudos to you for trying to keep the alliance going. But, if for some reason, you decide to leave the abandoned house you would be more than welcome to join us in The Locker. We are killing 10/11* and war is optional but all flags MUST be used.

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Hi @Watergiver1 starting/rebuilding an alliance can be difficult. If at anytime Lady wants to do a merger, I hope she will consider my alliance Fallen Intent.


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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I’ll be taking a break from the grind starting tomorrow. Might stay in game, might drop out altogether. If I war, all flags will get used. Titan hits Maury get sporadic. You down with that?


Whaaat? Sadface. Hope things are ok.

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Hi Poo. Sorry for my delay in responding. I’m still a little heart-broken so decided to get all the weepy stuff out of me before coming back on. Everyone has been so supportive. I like your offer, and yes I think I could do that. Fill me in on what to do.


PooFlingerJr, we are hastily building our heroes and our teams. Stay with us orphans for awhile. Don’t retire. Make us your Charity Act?


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So come on over(#warcry#)Sarah2! It would be nice to have another girl. I’ve always been the only female.

I moved your post to your topic, where you asked Sarah to join your alliance, rather than leaving it in another alliance thread.

That way you can recruit here, without recruiting in another alliance’s thread :slight_smile: I think this is a good compromise.

Good luck recruiting!

Please come back. Awesome u!

@Watergiver1 be honered if youd join us… Only 6 at the moment. Dont care if you hit bigger than me. Dont care if your male or female… Just wanna enjoy the company and grow. We are all about equal even tho its small now we are active… Please come check us out. You wont be disappointed

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