Chill Outcasts - lets create a home together!

So… let me tell you the idea
The alliance is made for people who don’t really fit into alliances with many rules (gosh, i hate those apps they want you to install for more communication outside of the game!)
But its still an alliance, so we should all be more/less active - still there will be no penalties for not kicking when you are too busy.

No level requirements either. Or trophies. Just chill attitude, playing spirit and respect for others.

See you there, its open.

There seem to be a ton of these already in existence.
Creating another is not going to accomplish much.
I have been in one alliance my entire time of playing (9 months)
Our alliance is just like what you are suggesting. Just people doing the basics of the game. It is not ideal. It can be frustrating because it is hard for others to find us. There are only 11 of us ranging from level 38 down to 17. Not much is said everyone is not committed to working hard. We finally killed our first 5* titan yesterday. I personally did 300k of the damage. I told the group after I fill my next war chest I will leave unless something changes. I am interested in finding more AM. I enjoy leading this group and I try to give advice, but it seems that they are too ‘chill’
I do not need the crazy, life engulfing, attitude that I see in some requirements for some alliances, but I am definitely going to look for another that gives more where my contributions will be complimented.
Good luck with your new alliance. I think you will need it without any kind of requirements.

Big Daddy, Check out Gnomes Gone Wild. We have a laid back attitude but competitive, of course some rules (e.g. use all titan flags and war flags if opted in) we do have a line app (not mandatory). You might fit in as most of the people in the group are either with a family, yuppies, and some oldies. What ties us together is our drive to improve and progress. Currently we are consistently downing 6* Titan on our way to the 7th. Please check us out.


P.S. apologies Miki for plugging in but it seems we have a different market.

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