MidnightOil Has some openings - check us out!

We are fun loving and help each other. 1200 trophy requirement. We are looking for folks that want to have fun playing and will use titan and war hits consistently. We are small now and some great players can make a difference. Most of us have played for 1.5 yrs +

I was so hoping you were Australian on this one! YouTube probably has “Blue Sky Mine”. It’ll make sense!

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How can we join if our world is burning?


You sound like you will fit in just fine!

This could be a date! Watch out. I’m Furious!!

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I do get it! Check us out - we are a fun group.

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So we are on the same page for the moment? Titans only (compulsory war opt out!)? (what I mean is that a ‘visitor’ like me has to be opted out)

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Well, a war is starting right now, so you would have to opt out of this one. You can opt out of future ones. If you do not opt out, we expect participation.

Well of course! I was going to say that the war is about to start and i am committed (the chest is pretty low atm so losing that wouldn’t be the end of the world at all). On this one I really don’t want to mess up or fail (myself or others). I am proceeding with some caution! Do you use line or discord (because i don’t like either but really don’t like discord)?

A couple of us are on line. Most discussion takes place in the game.

totally okay!

The usual 20 blessings for tonight’s war!!

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And back at ya! Titan is also just starting now.

That attack didn’t go exactly as planned but I’ll still take a one hit 50 any day of the week!

I forgot to ask what level you are? Because if you are all 5 star people then i’m just wasting your time (I’m a lvl 41 with about 16 months of play!). 5*? That isn’t my level!

You aren’t in MidnightOil (one word) - Leader is Shah.

Level 41 should fit in fine - we have 2 lower, most at or higher than that. Some are in the 60s.

I’ll do some updates, post my bench, and just show you what i can bring to the party! Just be kind okay?

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Sounds fine. I am a level 60+ myself, as are several others. I play several times everyday. Joined this alliance a little over a year ago and love it. We are looking to grow.

Waiting to hear. Are you waiting the end if the current war? Thanks!

Sorry wonderful person! I really didn’t know what to say, but being one of the lowest ranked people seems to me to be taking advantage of your goodwill? I’ll visit, soak up your 3* mats and then stay or disappear? Well, (50% of the time! (given 2 options!)) that isn’t going to work out for you and it doesn’t work for me (In my planned time frame!). What I mean is that I really appreciate the welcome, the courtesy and kindness but i am not a person you are looking for (For your Alliance. I’m fairly sure of that)

As long as you are active, you will be very valuable. We can help you grow and you help us be competitive.

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