Need help to dispatch my purple heroes to decent war teams

Hi Everyone,

I have problems when facing Yellow Tanks during Alliance Wars because I have difficulties to form correct purple teams. I usually attack in 3/2 with one healer and 2/3 hitters.

Can you help me forming several options/teams of 3 purples heroes with synergies/strategies with what I have?

I have as Purple heroes: (enough for 3 different teams, soon 4)

Marie-Therese +5
Cheshire Cat +19
Ameonna +7
Sabina +7
Tiburtus (costume available)
Rigard +18 (costume available)
Domitia 3*70
Merlin (in levelling)

I have duplicates on all of these 4* heroes except Ameonna and Gafar. I plan to level up a second Rigard or Proteus after Merlin.

For synergies as a second color I have:
Blue: Alice, Frida, Kiril x2, Sonya (costume), Boril, Grimm, Triton, Vela 3*70

Green: Lianna, Evelynn, Little John, Buddy, Gadeirus, Peters, Caedmon, Melendor, Kashhrek, Skittleskull, Kingston 3*70

Red: Khagan, Colen, Boldtusk x2, Wilbur x2, Guardian Falcon x2, Sumitomo, Gormek, Scarlett

Yellow: Onatel, Justice, Ravnir, Guardian Jackal, Wu Kong, Poseidon 430, Vivica 370, Neith 3*70

Thank you in advance for your help/advices.

Hiya @Akaihana

For me personally I don’t pre-build war teams… I tend to form them each time depending on who I’m facing…

My advice would be to:

  1. Switch from trying to have 3x purples to going to 2x purples. that way you have strength in every war team… The 5th flag you can use 3x purples and then the 6th flag go with 0 purples
  2. Form your other hero colour choice based on one of the wings… pick the colour so that your heroes are all strong or neutral against an entire side… that way you can (effectively) create a hole on one side of the board for ghosting.

In this vein, some strategy in terms of creating your 6x teams:

  • Marie-Therese + Cheshire Cat + 3x others
  • Ameonna & Gafar + 3x others
  • Cyprian & Proteus + 3x others
  • Domitia Rigard Costume & Merlin + 2x others
  • Sabina & Ameonna + 3x others
  • Final team, all off-tank strong colours.

Not sure if that helps or not…

Personally I would still be doing 3x strong stack in purple for 4 teams & have the other two teams as off-tank strong teams:

  • Marie-Therese, Cheshire Cat & Merlin
  • Costume Rigard, Ameonna, & Tiburtus
  • Proteus, Gafar & Cyprian
  • Domitia, Sabina + 3x others
  • off-colour team
  • off-colour team

Hope that helps/ makes sense.


If you get them, make more than 2 rigards. And lvl up the costumes even if you want to use the original version. And at least 1 lvl 23 mana troop. Once you get to this point, building teams will be much easier.

A time may come when Sabina, Cyprian and other purple 4’s not as tough as rigard will be one shot by 5 snipers. They will be forced out of your war teams. Costumed rigards as still very good in top 20 alliance wars.

It makes sense, thank you.

I have 3 rigard in stock. I plan to level them all in the coming months (years^^’)

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