Defense Team Future Plan

Current defense team in order left to right:

Magni +2 Dom +3 Li Xui +20 (with costume but out of costume) Anzogh +7 Elk +14

Levelling: Kadilen, Sartana and Marjana

Also have Joon +4 and a lot of maxed 4* with costumes between +18-+20

Biggest issue is that I don’t have a tank. With current lineup I usually wake up to being around 2280-2320. If my raids go well I open in diamond.

Just want to figure out a team that gets me a bit closer to 2400 on a consistent basis.

Thanks for the help!

I think the order
Elk, anz, mag, Dom , Joon

Or maybe swap elk and anz

Magni should fire at least once from there and put defense up on the flanks

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I never really considered Magni as a flank… I have Thorne sitting at 2/10. Wouldn’t he make a better tank than Magni?

Thanks @MountainMann

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Actually, I missed the 14 on Elk, I’d run him at tank

Anz, Magni, Elk, dom, Joon

Not a big Thorne fan myself, basically a meat shield. I think he was buffed recently but I’d hold off on giving him scopes unless you have no where else to use them

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Thanks again @MountainMann!

That would certainly work for now. Magni and Dom are natural flanks.

I think Marj would be better than Anzogh on the wing though.

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PS costumed Thorne looks pretty fierce! Saving up for a costume 10 pull next month

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Absolutely once Marj is leveled id definitely swap her for Anz. ( or costume marj :heart_eyes:)

I always enjoy tweaking my defense , seeing what combos work best etc. Then I’ll raid a bunch to get my cups up and let the attacks roll in to see how it holds up lol

Good luck with the pulls!

I like Anz on D, he always gives me fits. I’d keep him over Marj with Dom and Joon sniping for you.

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Thanks @Chadmo. My thing with Anzogh (my 1st and only HOTM) is that he is so much better when pared with an attack buffer and/or a defense debuff. There’s just no a lot of synergy there.

I went ahead and changed to;

Magni Anzogh Elk Dom Joon

for the time being when I’ve got everyone maxed I’m thinking

Sartana Magni Elk Anzogh/Marj Joon

I can always switch out my reds and see switch line up performs better.

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