Wanted: Alliance hitting 10-12* titans & no hand-holding

I’m getting tired of seeing the leader remind people to hit titan or use war flags. If they don’t know that by now, that’s what the red KICK button is for. :boot:
So I’m looking for a home hitting 10-12* titans with organized war & titan strategies… I bring 4180 defense, 2 years experience with 1.5 in leadership. Don’t want to lead, just do my job. Averaging top 25% damage against 10*s.
Line me: biermann

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Guardians Reborn. That’s all I’ll say for now, because I’m driving.

Sorry about that. Trying to balance recruiting and not dying on the road at the same time. Prioritized not dying this time, but who’s to say on the next go?

I’ll actually recommend two options:
Guardians Reborn
Guardians Heroes

Check them both out. Both are currently “open,” so you can pop in, say hello, and stick around.
Both great alliances with a lot to offer.

We’re all adults, so reminding people of things to do is not high on our list of things to do.
We’re also low stress on titans and Wars. We try our best, but we don’t fret if we lose, or have to let one go. But we know enough to boot if someone’s not pulling their weight.

Swing on by!

LineID: Kayo2527


Ok, let’s talk when you get where you’re going.
But wash your hands first :open_hands:


@Moderator, you can delete this. Mission accomplished.

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We are full at the moment but I think a new member may only be here for a short time, we fill all your criteria please check us in the next couple of days maybe we are such a good team that they may decide to stay, but then maybe not.

Closed per OP request :slight_smile:

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