Vollermork's talents

Is he worthy of emblems or should I give them to Cyprian C? In two weeks there’s 3* tourney, rush att, no ice. So I’m thinkin would Jahangir and Azar (both emblemed and costumed) suffice. Never played with him, not familiar with them fiends and such. Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

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He does not worth any emblemed and if you ask me he does not even worth leveling. He is weak in both offense and defense even at VF speed


Totally agree. Hero Really useless


I’m going to emblem him. I’ll try out something like the following for offense:
Gramps - Grevle - Hawkmoon - Vollermork - Kvassir

Plan is to stay alive as long as possible. Without Gunnar and Frosty I’m not super worried about the enemy.

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I would put vollermork in the middle and hawk on flank.

Why would you do that?

IMHO it’s better to tank a slow hero during rush attack.

Imo Vollermork not worth the emblems. When I first got him I was excited to get him maxed +20 but after using him and facing him in 3* tournies, he wasn’t worth it. If you search “Vollermork raid” and read some of the comments on him you’ll see it’s not just my opinion.


I would never use that that lineup for defense

yep you did state it’s the offense, my dyslexia kicked in :smiley:

Thanks everyone for your comments, very helpful indeed. I’ll try my luck with Jahangir then. If I had Sudri or Bauchan I wouldn’t even waste your time. :slight_smile:

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I have him prepared with emblems and limit break. Lets test him next week in tournament as tank


you broke An-Windr? Interesting decision there.


I gave Vollermork emblems. That should keep him alive in order to deal out at least 2 fiends. Wish he was average speed though.

But I am not going to limit break him. The limit break would only pad his defense stats, but it won’t do a thing for his special. He would be a much better hero if he did what the other fiend heroes did, and that is deal damage then add fiends.


Ye anwindr also survives longer to deal dmg after 3 turns. Fiends of vollermork deals 32% each turn. It is 160% if all 5 enemies affected every turn and he does also auyoattack 100% as all heroes. Ye. Thats what i expect to fire 2x fiends. However its only 16% healing what kills fiend so 2x5=10 fiends could be killed witho one heal of hawkmoon non costumed :frowning: seems to havr pretty easy counter… idk why it iant at lease 23% healing absorbing nor 16…

ZokiCro: I’m missing a Bauchan, and I’d really welcome that goblin to my roster. :wink:

If you have a roster lacking 5* Paladins, and a stockpile of reset tokens like me, I vote to emblem Vollermork.

Why? I think he is great for 3* raid tournaments, plus he is also a fun hero! :smile:

He has helped my tournament defence perform well (probably Rush Attack rule), and as a vc2p, I am not likely to get many new Paladins anytime soon.

With raid tournaments more important now, I may even consider embleming a second Vollermork. :rofl:

There is more than one way to play this game. :slightly_smiling_face: