[Vid] Raids - A necessary evil!

Love them or hate them raids are here to stay…I personally love the challenge…Here’s a vid showcasing an extremely effective use of Wu, Zeline and others…The fact that most heroes are so vastly different and you can mix and match their special abilities is enough to keep this game interesting for me…Alas, there is still hope for some of us.

Also, I mentioned in other posts how I didn’t find some of these must have heroes particularly difficult as tanks,etc…This is why. However, be forewarned, this doesn’t always turn out this way. I get chewed up and spit back out when the board doesn’t cooperate or my strategy game isn’t on point…That’s why we practice.


Funny you brought up your newly upgraded heroes…That’s awesome dude. There’s an unspoken learning curve with Wu, but I just posted this today to show what I meant on that post… :slight_smile:

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That was pretty fun. Who is the emerald flash bad chick? That is pretty rough.

Still learning all these special attacks myself but I will get there.

But raids are fun. The puzzle is always the key, it isn’t necessarily the team. If the tiles fall your way everything should be ok. And if not there is always next time!

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@Rockstar9280, I suggest you read the wiki (@Rook, can you get the link) and search E&P on YT. Lots of content for beginning players.

I also suggest going to our website: 7ddgaming.com. And under #player-guides, you can also find Anchor’s complete hero grading schedule!
Lots of info in all these resources! The game us awesome and can give you hours and hours of fun!!

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Hi Chef

Thanks for that. I thought I had some pretty good heros. I guess I just haven’t been lucky enough to pull a top 5* yet. One day I will and have fun leveling and building a better team. Always trying to upgrade what I got. Never really been into these types of games before but this is quite addicting and fun at the same time.

PS. I hate backpacks!

Hi @Wormwood
I love Wu for Titans but in Raids he is causing me a bit too much stress with the misses…these should be 33% but I have had him cause up to 4 misses on 6 attacks so I have shown him the bench a few times :smiley:

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Zeline, a hero of the month, last month I think. She could really help your team kick some sick butt. WUs special is what makes her even deadlier in the vid, I got lucky to be able to charge her up back to back… Raids are awesome, just remember that you’ll get your winning and losing streaks, and that’s ok… :slight_smile: keep up the good work ! Those links that chef mentioned are great reference points…

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Truth be told, he still kinda pisses me off, lol. But the reason he’s so good on titans is because of the combos, you need to use punches in bunches when exploiting his special. Notice the damage came from the sheer volume of tile hits. A large portion of those missed, but those that land are like a freight train…

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Yeah…I managed a 60,328 against a 6* Titan thanks to Wu :wink:
But when raiding, I always think twice, cause unless you can manage some serious combos after he fires his special, you might fall flat on your face with one of his gambles!!


Here is the Wiki link:

(I have it set to “Base”)

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Thanks Rook, I will take a look.

What’s up with wu. I have him and every time I use his skill it always says miss when attacking.

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