Victor or Sartana (with maxed Kage, Kuch, and Seshat on the bench)?

I feel like I’m duplicating hard hitters - but what would you do?

  • Sartana
  • Victor

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Never enough hitters imo :smiley:

Victor for high match damage and for a niche use in field aid wars, or Sartana for another reliable sniper. Can’t really go wrong with either of them, given this is your 4th purple 5*

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I’d go Victor as I think he adds more to your overall Dark her stable than Sartana does (since you already have Seshat). I’m assuming you have two level 11+ mana troops (for Kageburado and Victor, given the heroes you list.

I find him pretty useful in many situations, including against Guinevere. He can often fire first, significantly nerfing her healing.

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Victor has always intrigued me. That very fast defense buff is really nice too, I always forget about that ability. If you have two mana troops, it’s worth considering but you can never go wrong with Sartana too, and her poison comes in handy against revivers.

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Consider the number of heroes that Victor hard counters and the ones he just counters. Compare that to Sartana’s list. Victor is the easy choice.


Victor all day.

I agree that you can’t have too many snipers, but Sartana’s direct damage leaves a bit to be desired, plus Kage and Seshat are miles ahead of her in terms of utility.


From my first post I left out two other common uses for Victor: against Kunchen (especially if Kunchen isn’t the tank, which happens a lot in my wars and even a fair number of regular raids) and in the Buff Booster Raid Tournament.

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I have maxed both, though i got Victor after Sartana was finished. That said, it depends of what you want:

  • Sartana hits fast and hard, plus has poison. If you have hard snipers - which you have - she is not all that necessary, but she has her uses and she would be preferable to Victor on raid defense.

  • Victor on the other hand is on offense - any offense - extremely versatile. His defense buff screws folks like Isarnia or Kunchen that reduce defense. He also steals healing, which cripples healers if applied to them and also gives Victor an extra way to heal. That status debuff is also nasty if stacked. More importantly, if you have Purple 4* Mana troop at lv 11, you can charge him with 6 tiles, which is very fast.

Personally I like Victor more as he is more fun to play.


Thanks everyone! I think I’m going Victor!

I’ve just realized an additional situation where Victor is phenomenal: against Costumed Vivica. I haven’t run into her a lot yet, so I didn’t think of it initially, but of course it makes sense, since her costume makes her something of a yellow Kunchen.

Looks like you’ve already made your call, but I thought I’d add it anyway for the sake of completeness / if others search and find this thread.

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Thanks, additional info is always good!

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