Very slow 5 star heroes

On offense they are straight trash. totally agree

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This right here is the only reason Alfrike exists. She’ll be that degree of separation on defense between her owners and the rest of the Telly tanks.

Other than that, very slow heroes feel like they’re operating inside a completely different game than Empires and Puzzles. The specials may be “devastating” but they’re unreliable to the point of being nearly hypothetical.

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Basically what i was saying is a typical offense team is going to have no more than 1 v slow hero, other 4 will probly be average/fast/vfast

Therefore a player should be able to use 4 specials in 10 tiles or less, and already have the match won by the time they charge a vslow hero

If they cant charge the other 4, they wont charge the 5th either which means a loss and the v slow never made a difference in the outcome

Absolutely agree outside of some fringe cases.

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Probly so but considering how often we have those tournaments and it’s not a necessity to have her tank to get a decent grade in defense, i would max dupes of every other purple in the game except for boss wolf(wouldnt max a first one either) before i would think about givin aifrike tabbards

But that’s just me

I was pretty excited to pull Boss Wolf from Grimforest as my first new hero in a while. Now I’m not so excited, but he’s still getting leveled up somewhat so I can see how he is for myself.

I suspect he’ll be useful in the 5* tourney where his mana speed is bumped up, and I don’t have enough unique 5* to worry about trading one in later - I can trade in my duplicate Justices & Quinti and the like for that.

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I wouldn’t put a slow hero in my defense team unless for very good reasons. And unfortunately many slow heroes don’t provide enough motives to be deployed.

If it’s very slow… well no reason to be deployed at all (at least in defense). An exception could Alfrike, but I don’t know her and still have to get a proper opinion on her.

I think Boss Wolf would greatly benefit from moving from very slow to slow… could be a decent alternative to Telluria

Pointing out Boss Wolf was listed as a great tank in 2019 is like pointing out Al Bundy had five touchdowns in one game for Polk High

So many variables, so much added and so much work required to get him to the cusp A particularly surrounding him with heroes and forgoing others … (Yunan in kind of like this)

I’ve wanted to like him in the role; but it just really, really hard —

Having said that - Sif on flank Is interesting

Think having him and Owl as druids effectively killed one strategy that kind of worked

Don’t have a very slow hero or want one

I dont care what my defense does. When it is active I am not playing, and I get very little entertainment from how it performs, which is what I am here for.

And in the current offense meta (which will likely not change enormously with the Tellynerf, just become a little more manageable) even average is too slow. More than nine tiles needed to match is pretty much pointless (which makes costumes for average heroes very meaningful if you have mana troops at lower levels)

I have only one slow hero that I use a fair bit, which is Elena. In the world of Telly Tanks she is a good finisher, but she isn’t much help keeping the team alive or neutralising the initial threats, which fast and average have got to meet first

So slow is almost useless in the meta. Very slow is completely pointless, for me at least


Like Mother and abby, once you kill the center and be able to ghost tiles, ALL special to the target!!!

It made me sad to put mine to sleep.
He was a good boy.

Vela just laughed and cannibalized his emblems.


Boss Wolf and Guardian Owl mana speed is very slow but their special skill is not strong like Alfrike. Please make them strong or change their mana speed to slow.


I know you wrote this a while back, but I find it curious that they haven’t decided to just make these heroes slow (at least) since it’s clear no one likes v. slow speed.

Yet they’ve only ever made 3 v. slow heroes. Ever. :stuck_out_tongue:


And I have all off them…:rofl:


Boss Wolf should get counter 90% to entire team, initial damage and mana cut 30% for all…looking on Alfrike.

Rigs I will take honour in necromancing the necromancer :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. Put 4 asgard realm members to feed early mana to Alfrike - Kaboom ! :stuck_out_tongue:
(two heimes , two Pigburstis + (200% Alfrike + attack buff from Heimy. Win :slight_smile:

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AFAIK duplicates do not count twice for family bonus. :weary:

Boss Wolf and Alfrike might turn out to be beasts in that Ninja Tower. They would also be great if there were ultra-hard map or quest levels (however so far almost all levels can even be beaten with 4* heroes only…). If mana pots can be used, mana speed isn’t a big problem anymore.

As long as there aren’t super-hard map/quest levels and GTV is the prevalent meta in PvP/wars, the three very slow heroes shine in only one occasion: weekly tournaments with mana rush rule. However, there might be more occasions in the future for them to shine, so I would definitely not feed them away.

Think it’s a bit harsh to say some of these heroes are obsolete — they just are something many can outgrow at higher levels, replace easier or not experiment With because The reset penalty is too harsh

They’re kind of the build a bear tanks — I’ve had good luck experimenting with owl specifically looking to trigger corner cases on war defense — field aid that can eat an additional flag or two on alt account.

It’s pretty likely whatever I field can be one shot because opponents can field an army of top notch heroes ; the less likely defense variations have even incremental value.

In my experience —

Malosi makes purple tanks much easier.

Owl can work on war defense by forcing a reversal of fortune every so often, but most of the time he’s roadkill just like the rest of the team :slight_smile:

It’s not like a different yellow suddenly makes you unkillable. If anything it’s just too much work when compared to a S3 or HotM.

He’s not that great anywhere else — unless your swimming in mats … or have time to spare to dial him in.

But it’s very satisfying to tally up the flags used on your defense and see a big hitter misjudged him and lost.

Sorry, not misjudged … Bad board :slight_smile:

especially when you recognize them from one of the dozen ‘that hero sucks’ threads :slight_smile:

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I would say it’s depend on level of your 4* mana boosting troops or, do you have that kind of troops. Another method is get mana boost via talent grid (2% ? or 4% max ?), but how many emblems will be need ?

Interesting is… 3 very slow mana heroes in total are quite less when compared with 8 very fast mana heroes up to now (talking about 5* heroes, correct me if I’m wrong), it’s already shown that SG haven’t enough confldence to rolling out too many very slow mana heroes, because most of the player are essentially dislike them, even they already have mana boosting troops.

SG can try to set most of the upcoming new 5* heroes to very slow mana speed to see how many players willing to spend money to pull them, everything become realistic when talking about profit making…

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