Very slow 5 star heroes

Do we need a very slow 5 star hero?


Trade them in at hero academy when it comes out(unless it costs gems to do so then might as well eat em up for free and put the gems towards better portals)

They’re obsolete. Dead. And actually have been for a long time/ever for the most part. Exception bein boss wolf at tank but he already struggled vs jackal, then costume viv, now malosi, RIP

Aifrike is cool if you can get her to fire before 2025

Fwiw very slow mana speed has been suggested to be removed from the game in it’s entirety for a very long time by a lot of players but SG still think it’s a necessary part of the game apparently.


Yes, many are useful. They take a while, but for some the wait is worth it.

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Very slow is obsolete


For me, I don’t mind that there are Very Slow heroes… BUT they have to be suitably Powerful & Devastating to justify their very-slow mana speed.

So far there are only 3 Very Slow heroes in the game:

  • Boss Wolf (Fables of Grimforest)
  • Guardian Owl (Guardians of Teltoc)
  • Alfrike (Valhalla Hero)

Of these heroes i would say that only Alfrike is suitably devastating to warrant being Very Slow. Her 5x Cubes + mindless attack + HP reduction is very hard to recover from if you don’t either a) get lucky with who the Cubes Hit or b) have a fantastic board & can kill the enemy with tiles.

Guardian Owl is built to be a wing anihillator… So he chills out there in the wing of a defence team, slowly charging away & then, when all his allies are dead, he unleashes a super devastating attack to wipe out the enemy… Then goes into Self Preservation mode with the HP regen & defence buff…
The only problem is that he doesn’t really do enough damage to warrant being very slow… :stuck_out_tongue: When he hits you, it isn’t enough damage to even half kill an enemy hero… If his damage output was doubled then yeah, I would say to be very slow…

Boss wolf is on the cusp of being OK as very slow… He’s built as a super tank… Up until the GTV Meta, Wolf was considered one of the more annoying tanks to take down… If he had a bit more umph to his special (maybe some damage or more mana slow) I would say hands down that he’s worth being very slow… But… in the current meta he’s just too slow to be a super tank anymore.


In Offense:
How anyone does not have a match won or lost by the time they fire a very slow hero is beyond me…

Theoretically 4 should be dead by the time they fire…actually not even theoretically. Definitely should be.

:man_shrugging: Not everyone gets the best boards everytime…? Or they underestimate the Very Slow & focus firepower elsewhere?

Must happen regularly enough seeing as Boss Wolf was ranked one of the best tanks of 2019 & that was in the time of Guinevere’s reign.

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Defense and offense are 2 different things but considering you’re goin on about defense, those numbers were before costumes and malosi and we’re about to see guardians again next month as well

I was talkin offense.

If you wanna use a purple tank, there are better options that work on both sides rather than max 1 that is only usable on 1 side

In offense:
If you’ve charged 4 out of 5 specials and you have a full team still in front you, hit the flee button, scrap that team, go back to the drawing board and make a new one

No reason to have a full team that can’t fire in 10 tiles or less. SG at least half believes this hence the costume 5% mana buffs…


True. Very slow heroes don’t really have a spot in offence…

Owl & Boss Wolf just aren’t built for that.

Alfrike can be a super finisher but thats more cause there would be less enemies so her Cubes are more concentrated… But you’re right, if you are taking a Very Slow in offence it would probably be more as a number more than them filling any specific roll in the battle nor would they really be turning the tide (one would hope).

I still think, on defence, that Very Slow heroes COULD have a spot IF they were suitably match ending… but realistically most of them just aren’t so I’m not sure why they bothered.


True except maybe not for those really long battles eg first that comes to mind is vs Aegir and if you have a high mana troop for Alfrike you could release at the perfect time


Hmm that has not been my experience but if it’s been yours all i can really do is take your word for it

I just assumed everyone has a few sonyas & caedmons floatin about

or even a grimm or other def dropper that would make his shared damage an ailment instead of a buff

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Aegir … I’ve tried the dispel or defence down tactic but my problem is my dispellers or DD aren’t durable enough. Isarnia and Grimm die too easily

So these days I take Gandalf and a few others with sort of tanky stats and healing expecting a long battle and maybe a couple of attackers and just wait to fire at the right time

But yeah, if you have hardy dispellers/ def down then Aegir should be a shorter match. I just don’t have the calvary yet lol

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Well i doubt i can find any aegir tanks

But if i do

I will try throw some 4* teams together and see how it goes and maybe i can see your pov better



My last successful raid was I think I used

Sabina Drake Telly Gandalf Clarissa

But that may have been because there was a yellow flank. Can’t remember.

That is a lot of heals

Ya I know, I use a lot of healers

I’ll discuss more if i actually find one

Not 100% how i wanna approach it yet

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Alfrike in a very fast raid tournament is the closest you’re going to get to an “I win” button.


I was killed by G. owl once when I didn’t actually know his special that well. I only made that mistake one time.

I should have clarified better

I was referring to offense

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