Slow 5 Stars. Are any of them worth it?

I’m getting ready to start levelling up some new heros. I have a few slow 5 star heros but as a general rule I don’t like slow heros.

In your opinions, are there any slow 5 stars that are actually worth working on? Are there any slow 5 stars that you wouldn’t give the time of day?


I actually think very fast and fast 4* heroes with 19, 20 emblems are much greater than most of slow 5*. And I think even average 4* heroes with costume mana bonus and 5 level mana troops are far greater than them. Some people think that Costume Rigard (+ mana 5%, 5 level mana troops) is better than Kunchen and Costume Kiril (same bonus and troop) is better than Rafael expecially for attacking team, and I agree. I’d like to add one thing that I think Lady Woolerton is much better than Vivica, if you have to use only one of them.

If I can get 4* AMs more easily than now, I consider to ascend fully those slow 5s. But now, as you know, it’s very difficult to get them, so I think it’s not a good idea to use rare 4 AMs for slow 5s, especially for most of S1 slow 5.

BTW, just my opinion.

And, let me add another. If you use those slow 5* in quests, stages, titan, rush attack tournaments and war & raids defense teams, they could be very useful. (as you know already?)


Vivica, Azlar (especially with costumes), Lady of the Lake, (unpopular opinion) Noor.


Get a taste of Azlar, face a Vivica in Field aid wars…

It´s just like most slow heroes in the game when face lower teams, they can destroy you by themselves alone.


Second your unpopular opinion :smiley:

I think if you can stragically place your slows, and use them well, then you will get a lot out of them.

I use my +20 Colen all the time in raids and wars. He obviously shines in rush tourney. If I had Azlar emblemed I would be using him instead. If I had C Azlar I would be a very happy boy.

Sumle also gets use in wars and events and is devastating when paired with Wilbur.

I use Jott in my red titan fights and blue mono raids, he has quite a versatile special.

I use LJ in difficult PVE levels and he has helped me to beat some bosses I was otherwise struggling with (although now with Mist joining me I may not need him as much)

I use Noor in my main Anti-Tell team, she is great for me. And no other better hero for PVE in my opinion.

C Quintus plays a very valuable role in my purple stack and when Grimble fires strategically Quintus turns into an average speed. Following C Rig and C Tibs his special is devastating

I have Justice who I regret maxing and who only ever comes out to play on 5* rush tourneys on a wing or flank

I just got Shadereave who I think may get a spot on my green titan team, and probably in my 2nd war team - TBC

I think the key with slows is that if you have a team of 5 slows you will die, every time. But if you team them strategically with faster heroes then you can get a lot out of them. And as a bonus its fun - more fun than just playing with the (generally) simpler specials of fast and very fast heroes


Very useful.
Slow war def for field aid:


Its either 53 points or 0 points with this team I think…


Wonderfully informative post!

I have a much smaller roster than you seem to, but I have a few of the ones you mention.

I won’t bother adding much to your excellent post except to reiterate your Sumle/Wilbur point.

This Raid Tournament I’ve exclusively used BT+C+18, Mist, Wilbur, Mist+18, Sumle on attack regardless of tanks and am on track for a nice 1% loot. Doesn’t always work out but it’s so satisfying seeing an entire team evaporate in one turn!

Thanks for sharing your insights!

Even a zero score vs me with only Mum and Viv left on the field.


Depends on your competition level and your level of enjoyment. Personally if they deleted all slow heroes from the game I would not notice until the “very fast” tourney started.

I take that back Tarlak would have to come back in to replace Miki as well.


Nice food for my Hansel army :rofl:
All are good that are needed for challenge event (Miki etc.) or anything else where you can feed them with mana. One i like for war too is Snow White, cause she does so much you would need 3 heroes for.
Btw, team 14? You have too many gems :joy:


My pleasure!

It always annoys me on some level that 65% of the player base automatically dismisses slow heroes. I don’t know why it affects me on a personal level, I am certainly in no way affiliated with the design team at SG! I think it is because I see it as a bit tunnel visioned, and statements such as “by the time you have your 12th tile the match is over one way or the other” is often so far from the truth (at least with my roster/matchups/playstyle) that I wonder if I am playing a different game to everyone else.

To give a bit more of an explanation on what I think is effective teaming up of hero speeds - I use Noor, Lady Loki, Grazul, C Rigard and Proteus in my anti GTV team. If I look like I am only going to get 6 tiles before G/V cast, then that is where I hedge my bets, and Lady Loki can wait for round 2. If I get a good run of red tiles then she can go first. If red tiles are lacking then I try to get enough for C Rigard to cleanse straight after and Proteus to buy me time for building up reds. In a winning match (roughly 80%) Noor will end up casting 2 or 3 times throughout all of this, with her special helping to keep the others alive for their specials to wipe out the enemy. I even have a video of her taking on Frida and Seshat at the end of a match and winning that despite about 4 specials hitting her.

This team works because I have a very fast ready up-front, I have averages who do most of the leg work plus my slow who brings up the rear - but in a very meaningful way. Other faster heroes have had her position and failed to achieve the same results because her special stacks so nicely with the regular healers and will always provide a buff regardless of everyone’s HP. Would it work if I replaced Grazul with say C Azlar? Probably not, despite how powerful he is. Because the sequence of specials is important.

Interestingly enough, I set 5 slows for this current bloody battle tourney and I am averaging B. Not intentionally (I mistakenly thought it was a rush tourney) but an interesting result.

I do find you have to be careful in using Wilbur, in both raids and events. If you dont have a killing blow with your specials then using him will likely backfire on you in raids and wars. And in events if you get too many red tiles when you have him on you may fall into the next round quite unprepared


Good point on slows in PVE and titans, where you can level the playing field as long as you have enough mana resources. My mana resources have been strained for a very long time now so I haven’t been able to take advantage of that, but hopefully alchemy lab and atlantis rising will replete my stocks…

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Unless you spend a lot I would certainly level some slows…others not so much (eg Horghall). Some of the slows have very hi tile damage and I use both Elena and Isarnia even without the costume


Using the lab only for transforming minor heal into medium mana or axes at best, needed to be competitive in challenge event, running out of mana fast.

Depending on the effect, yes they can.

Classic revivers are all slow: Alberich, Heimdall, Mother North. In their case it goes even in their fawor because on defense they have better chance to undo opponent’s work the slower they are. Heimdall is great tank so he will charge faster and he would be completely broken if he was not due to him healing over limit.

Raffaele was dismissed initially because of this, but his healing is depending also a bit on how many % of max HP others have left, and he can heal everyone from near-death to max very quickly if he fires.

Miki is number one titan slayer and extremely useful for completing stages and quests, since you can mana potion him.

Santa is great tank. And he does many things, justifying his speed.

Alfrike is even slower but if she does fire it’s lights out. Hard to recover that even if you take her out afterwards because her pals usually finish you off.

Marie-Thérèse also does plenty things but she need to have defense emblemed a bit otherwise she dies quite easily. She is fun to play though and also heals just fine.

From classical: Azlar, Isarnia, Vivica. All of them have costumes than allow them to become average speed even, though it is not even remotely easy to do so. Vivica as sole 5* classical healer especially.


Do not forget Guardian Owl, who must fire once his allies are dead, or the Lady of the Lake. Since I use her in my defensive team, I win more than before.

I have maxed Snow White+18, Azlar, Miki and Alberich. I don’t mind getting and maxing Lady of the Lake, Mother North, Heimdall and even very slow Alfrike. I would love to have Azlar’s costume

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They are definitely worth it. They come into play when enemy gets average to bad boards. If they get good boards, all speeds are the same in that they die quickly.

It depends a lot on your budget for the game.

I am (basically) f2p so I have limited options. I use Isarnia on probably 95% of my raid attacks, teamed with Ariel (my only non-S1 non-HOTM 5*). My tank is still Justice (but I may try C.Elena out there). C.Elena, who I just finished maxing, is starting to see more play time. I maxed Horghall but never use him. Azlar sees use, I’d love his costume. Vivica gets used a lot. Quintus isn’t even maxed.

#1 for me is Isarnia. Probably #2 Vivica. I loves me my healers.