Wars show slow heroes are weak

There’s so many things I want to address in this post… I’m not exactly sure how to organize all my thoughts and so i’ll do the best I can.

The Problem I’m Having

Unfortunately, my 5* heroes that are fully ascended are mostly average and slow (i.e. Azlar, Atomos, QoH, Hatter, etc…) That’s not to say I don’t have some fast ones too (i.e. Lianna, Magni, Seshat, Poseidon and Joon).

My observation in war is that between all the fast+ snipers on defense, combined with the war support, I just can’t win with the exception of really good boards. I’ve resorted to running full mono as that seems to be my only chance of winning. However, even with that, it seems like every mono team I pick, I have very few tiles of that color. By the time I clear enough tiles to bring in the ones I need, half my team is already dead.

  • Guin sucked any mana I’ve gained
  • GMs dot combined with slashes took a large of amount of health
  • Drake’s blind causes my specials to miss

…you get the idea.

The Problem with the Game

I really feel like slow heroes are too weak. They are almost pointless. They don’t do any more damage than a fast sniper does and they are just as squishy. For example, Azlar just has no chance on your war attack team when you’re going up against Sartana, Joon, Alasi, etc. And even if by some miracle he fires, his damage isn’t going to make a significant difference because of Field Aid and healers (i.e. Alby, Guin, etc.).

I watch tons of videos of everyone showing off their war hits (i.e. ucla pack, anchor, etc.) but they have rosters full of fast hitters.

Personally, I think slow heroes need to have their health and defense greatly increased – especially if they are damage dealers (i.e. Azlar, Atomos, etc.) and don’t bring a meaningful secondary ability to their attack (blind, hot, attack/defense boost, etc). The game has become so disproportionately tilted towards fast and very fast heroes that average and definitely slow are worthless. I’m not talking about on your defense team (i.e. Kunchen or Aegir tanks). I’m talking about offensively.

  1. Does anyone else agree/disagree?
  2. How do you make slow heroes viable in wars?

I’ve adapted the title thread to better reflect where your thinking evolved.

And, yes, I agree – the meta took a hard turn last year into “Fast and Faster”. My guess is that the devs think so too and tried to pull it back some with the release of some very compelling slow heroes like Kunchen and Miki.

I was lucky, I guess, that early on I never drew any slow 5* (and I’m still missing many of them, including Isarnia, Azar and Quintus). The only slow heroes that get any play on my roster are Alberich and Kunchen.

Slow heroes need to elicit a “oh **** it’s gonna blow!” reaction. Letting two fire should be Game Over. Some do, many don’t.

I know there are some players who love their slow heroes and play them successfully. I’d love to hear their tips & tricks.

One thing that made a big difference with my few slow heroes is having a L17 4* mana troop under them, which drops their tiles from 12 to 11.


I enjoy my slow heros…outside of war

Elena and azlar are 2 maxed slow heros i use in raids because they are fun to use, but there’s no pressure in raiding. You get rematches and have a wider selection of targets and different team compositions so it’s a bit easier to see them shine

But in wars, if it’s a non healing slow mana hero i don’t bring it

No kunch for me. Have 2 Vivicas and 2 albies i use in wars, everyone else is average or fast.

Average i can typically make work, no problem but i only bring 1 average per team and since i color stack 3-2, the average mana doesnt charge too far behind my fast to be viable.

But worth mentioning they typically get a lvl 23 mana troop


The overall trend of the game is moving away from the slower mana heroes.

I am in a mid-range aliance that is pretty casual. We don’t face a lot of guin/kunchen tanks. Actually right now our foes are all blue.

I use the heroes I have as a F2P (mostly) player. Many of those are slow mana, and many get used in wars. Generally I 3-2 or mono stack, so I am relying on gem damage as much as specials anyway.

When using slow mana heroes I try to sustain them longer with healers. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I would prefer having all fast mana heroes though.


I used to use Hu Tao in my war defense until I got Proteus and power leveled him up. I normally do not run slow mana heroes in war defense unless they are reasonably tanky, or they are my highest level for that element. I am one of the very many that would love to have Kunchen. As his innate resistance to defense down is what makes him such a great tank.


Seeing slow heroes go off gives you this nice feeling of reaping through the cornfields with MasterScythonator9000.

It’s usually not very efficient but the feeling is nice.

But in reality, when it comes to slow heroes, I like Kunchen and - to lesser extent - Alby.

On offense, pvp battles sometimes end before slow heroes get enough mana to fire. And in those situations when they finally gather mana, some opponents are usually dead. Then, those hit-5 skills aren’t so amazing anymore.

Slow heroes were really nice for me at some point in events. When I was still a bit struggling, it was nice that upon reaching boss wave I could throw some devastating damage-all skills. But now I don’t really need to do this anymore and slow heroes are back to their shelves.

PS. I’m not mentioning here those very-fast tournaments, but they are a separate niche.