Version 38 Release Notes & Status


2021-05-18T10:22:00Z: We have now started the rollout on Android and hope to start rolling out the update for iOS soon.

2021-05-21T08:52:00Z: We have now started the rollout on iOS

Release Notes

  • Content for new Challenge Event added
    • Get ready for the grand premiere of Starfall Circus in June!
    • A new Event Effect added:
      • Starfall: Deals damage to all Heroes, changes their element and prevents the use of battle items for a few turns
    • Starfall Family added:
      • Starfall Heroes have a chance to cleanse the Hero’s most recent dispellable status ailment at the end of each turn
    • Starfall Heroes receive bonuses when used in the Starfall Circus Event:
      • Stat Bonus
      • Bypass Element Shields
    • Summon Appearance Rates for Rare and Epic Classic Heroes and Trainer Heroes adjusted:
      • Rare Trainer Hero: from 5% to 10%
      • Epic Trainer Hero: from 5% to 1%
      • Rare Classic Hero: from 58.1% to 53.1%
      • Epic Classic Hero: from 15.8% to 19.8%
  • PvE enemies now show attack and defence values except for Titans, Mythic Titans and Unique Bosses
  • Added a timer to Friendly Match Energy
  • Enemy wave count is now shown in Map stages

Other changes and fixes:

  • All parts of the Special Skill that would be resisted or reflected by Elemental Reflect go through if the Special Skill bypasses. If a chain strike effect hits the same target twice, both hits will always share the same bypass status
  • Small improvements to Mythic Titan Event layouts in Arabic language
  • If a hero has an Increased Special Skill damage - passive and they do more than one hit in their special, all hits have now the additional 30% added to their power (e.g. Akkorog & Zila Lei)
  • Fixed an issue where Finley’s chain would not break if he missed a hit
  • Fixed an issue where Alfrike would always fire a cube to the enemy targeted
  • Fixed an issue where Alfrike and Finley could apply status effects even if they had Malosis status effect block
  • Minions can now be damaged and killed, even if their owner is in Ghost form
  • If an enemy is in Ghost form and they are given fiends, they will no longer block ghosting tiles to gain more mana
  • Fixed a graphical glitch in Hero Academy Raid Formations view
  • Small fix to Rokkamush Special Skill description
  • Fixed an issue where Bertila didn’t gain mana due to her Passive Skill
  • Fixed an issue where Quests’ recommended Team Powers sometimes decrease between levels
  • Fixed an issue where Morris’ mana block lasted only one turn when it should last two turns
  • Fixed a visual bug where Francine’s cleanse status effect wasn’t at the bottom of the battle info panel, since it’s always executed last
  • Fixed an issue where Raffaele’s 50% healing was partly absorbed by fiends, when it should not
  • Rare Titan Rewards are reduced if you were not a member of the Alliance at the time the Titan appeared, or if it has been less than 12 days since you received a full Rare Titan reward in a different Alliance. Previously, you needed to be a member of the Alliance 24 hours before the Rare Titan appeared
  • Fixed an issue where a player could see a Golden frame in the Avatar Shop preview
[Suggestion] Treat costumes like troops, locked in/equipped per team
:test_tube: Early Information on New Starfall Circus Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v38]
[FIXED - V38 Update] Zila Lei - Passive only affecting one hit of ability
[RESOVLED - V38 Update] Finley Chain Not "breaking" when he misses
[SOLVED - V38 Update] Bug - Raffaele Heal to 50% & Fiends
:test_tube: Early Information on New "Starfall Circus" Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V38]
[Implemented - V38 Update] Help players report bugs in stat curve, display full stats for all enemies
[RESOLVED - V38 Update] Alfrike's first cube always hits targetted enemy
Version 37 Rare Titan Reduction Discussion & Feedback [Developer Response in Post #85 & #200]
Trainer Heroes in Event Portals -- Thoughts and Discussions
[SOLVED (?) - V38 Update] Possible Noor bug attacking Bertila
Update 38 : Rectify Rare Titan deadline description
[Implemented - V38 Update] Add Stage Progress Bar or Wave Counter for Better Tracking / Keep Wave Counter Visible All the Time [MASTER]
[Implemented - V38 Update] Friendly Match Energy Refill Timer
[FIXED - V38 Update] Recommended Team Power in Quests is Odd (Food, Iron & Gems I)
[RESOLVED - V38 Update] Poor Graphics on HA screen for Raid Formation
[RESOLVED - V38 Update] Rokkamush descriptiom and special differ
[SOLVED - V38 Update] Francine buff icon
[SOLVED - V38 Update] Special Skill Error of Akkorog
[RESOLVED - V38 Update] Malosi's Special Skill bug with Chain Abilities (Alfrike's Mindless Attack/ Finley's Defense down
[RESOLVED - V38 Update] Interesting ghost/fiend/minion interaction(bug)
Alfrike/malosi bug
+1000 Kill shots - is it a record?
Wrong titan tier loot
[RESOLVED - V38 Update] Interesting ghost/fiend/minion interaction(bug)
:test_tube: Early Information on New Starfall Circus Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v38]
:test_tube: Early Information on New Starfall Circus Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v38]
The #/# Wave update
What am I missing (Titan loot)

The update should be available now for all players and it should be safe to update your game now. Please note that if your Raid History is empty after updating your game, this issue should be only temporary and the history will be restored soon.


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