🧪 Early Information on New "Starfall Circus" Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V38]

I’ll start saving Summon Tokens / coins now then ! :rofl: :+1:

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Thanks Guv you’re the best!


Some of this heroes seem a bit over power but it might change, we will see next month when this comes out

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got my gems ready to roll for the event. Hope i pull something decent

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@Annjul, it is scheduled for June. Android update with the V38 is currently being roll out for android users


Annnddd Per the V38 Release Notes:


Hello, is that damage still the same ?

Yes, it is the same every times it is activating.
On Rare tier of the challenge it is 100.
On Epic tier it is 150.
On Legendary tier it is 200.

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uhh that’s terrible…

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So are all the events going to eventually get this crappy new effect where we have to balance keeping heroes alive while the boss waves deal 1000% damage to everyone?

Additionally, with the way this particular event goes (for me at least), I reeeaaally think Trainer Heroes should be treated like a secondary bonus draw instead of an entirely replace for an actual hero that has legitimate value. There’s something disgusting about doing this particular Challenge Event and the only thing you have ot show for it is something I could have gotten from HA7 for free.

  1. Yes. It’s fine.

  2. But they are legitimate and useful. You can fight with them, and as has been pointed out again and again, they give a lot more XP to any shiny new event heroes you may have been lucky enough to get at the same time. As for “could have gotten from HA7 for free”, anyone who is still in need of s1 3* is extremely unlikely to have HA7; they will, however, be very likely to have TC13, where you can get s1 3* for, guess what?

  1. They’re useful for quick-leveling heroes whose Special Skills are already maxed and you don’t want to waste feeders on them. Sure. But it’s also a waste of 10 coins for what amounts as a “placeholder” over an actual, useable hero. I’m not against their inclusion to the portal, but they should, more or less, be a “bonus” alongside what will more likely be a duplicate S1 3* anyway.
    2.a) Will say that trainers, for me, have lately been more common in titan loot and wanted chests. If someone was in need of them, they could also try for those that are, technically, free as well before HA7. Mystic Vision (with the new, shortened wait times) can also produce a trainer and Path of Valor can offer them at certain milestones (though users who take on the Valor Pass might end up filling up feeder spaces if they save them for specific heroes).

As for the first point, the damage dealt every 5 rounds was kinda irritating during the Legendary stages for me. And having redid Legendary 10 3 times because the second attempt was just Zuri resetting all the damage I did on Theobald while I’m still taking 200 damage from the stupid stars made this event feel like a waste of resources.

I just wrote a thread about this and it’s honestly a win win situation for both sides if the trainers are bonus draws


Indeed. I’d be happier if it was like that. Idk how they did it for HOTMs, but I’m sure they can do it for trainers.

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Bonus draws would be nice, but I can’t see why they would give us extras for nothing. At the moment your “placeholder” costs exactly the same as your 15th Dawa (or maybe only your third or fourth if you’re fairly new to the game) but gives more xp for it. Mystic Vision and other reward trainers, not to mention the majority of HA7 output, are usually only 1* or 2* whereas the challenge events are the much juicier 3* and 4*.

As a minor issue I also foresee many complaints that they thought they were getting the HOTM but out popped a trainer. It’s the same as not getting an event hero except that there’s that extra moment of “wait for it… something else is coming… drum roll…” Kind of emphasises that you have drawn the 1% but it was the wrong 1%. At least if he pops out during a standard draw a realist would have been expecting 3* or 4* something.

As hotms are available in every portal, it’s not a big deal tbh
And I don’t see why they put trainers up that High of a pedestal. Like 1% for a 4* trainer which is a slap in the face for anyone. I might argue that it should be given out almost free in most circumstances

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It’s nothing like a slap in the face for me. It’s a welcome find. And at only 1% too, I am still utterly bemused by the annoyance it seems to cause. It’s BETTER! For me - sure. But for many others too. And it’s only a tiny bit worse for anyone for whom it’s apparently not helpful.

I’m a great believer in seeing the other fellow’s point of view, but I don’t think I’m ever going to get my head round this.

Honestly, if someone still needs S1 3* or even 4*, they better pull elsewhere. Starfall and LoV are only events that award trainer heroes out of many. And both have nice heroes but by no means necessary. The new-ish playes should pull for costumes, S2 (Proteus, Wilbur), S3 (Gullinbursti, Brynhild, Mist, Almur), S4 (Griffin, Tettukh) as they have much better chance to drop anything useful than any challenge event, and even counting challenge events Teltoc and Grimforest are much better options for 4*. I really don’t know why having trainer heroes in these two portals is a problem.

Of course bonus draws would be nice, but this is SGG we’re talking about.

It’s more towards a few seconds of disgust to see a trainer. I don’t see a problem with trainers but just now I did 6 pulls and 3 came out. Extremely bummed, but hey, that’s life.

Or just use Training camp :slight_smile:

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