New Challenge Event, Starfall Circus, Approaching! 🎪

Get ready for the grand premiere of Starfall Circus, an all-new Challenge Event! :circus_tent: :mega:



What’s New

  • New Event Effect added:
    • Starfall: Deals damage to all Heroes, changes their element and prevents the use of battle items for a few turns
  • New Starfall Family & Starfall Heroes:
    • Legendary: Bobo, Director Zuri, Eiora & Fluffy, Emilio, Faline, Theobald
    • Epic: D’Andre, Eichelborg, Marcel
    • Rare: Candy, Whacker
    • Starfall Heroes have a chance to cleanse the Hero’s most recent dispellable status ailment at the end of each turn
  • Starfall Heroes receive bonuses when used in the Starfall Circus Event:
    • Stat Bonus
    • Bypass Element Shields

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