🧪 Early Information on New Starfall Circus Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v38]

Exactly. Remember the outrage of Fenir?

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Because you desperately wanted a season 1 4 star hero?

You are reading it wrong. You have a lower chance of getting a 4 star trainer hero, and a higher chance of getting a season 1 4 star hero.


what was the outrage of fenrir about?

Can you refresh our memories? All I remember is the debate on whether Telleria was OP at this time last year

Hello?!! I have to re-read this few times to understand this nonsense.

Cmon man!!!
1% for just Trainer Heroes??! And it’s Epic one (4 stars)

We don’t need to get 10 Vanilla Heroes when we did 10 pulls!!

If you write “Trainer Heroes” as you mean “the Trainer to lvl up Heroes”
You better put that one percent more to Legendary Event Heroes. I am happier to be able to have more chance to get Event Heroes rather than Vanilla and now with “Trainer” Heroes. That messed up the chance.

That’s pathetic to know


Emilio should be awesome. You can time the GM burn to decide to trigger on the last turn so the opponent keep burning. Or you can use it immediately to get heal and avoid status illments (like red ninja). Very useful in wars. Timing is everything.

This is because some of member (specially new player) complaints, that they still prefer 4* classic heroes instead of 4* Trainer.

And yet they make that as an excuse. Yet there’s still more than 5 different Portals each month to get Classic Heroes. :sweat_smile::joy:

And 2 times a year for this.
Conclusion : Want to get Event Heroes even for Rare and Epic? Burn more :money_mouth_face::moneybag:


Sorry, hold on while I (a player like yourself) wave my magic wand to fix it…

*waves wand*

There; better?

Seriously tho, I’m just a player. Have the same amount of input & sway of game designers / decision making as you do.


1% for trainer heroes…what is this joke of an update? You might as well don’t put trainer heroes in the portal to begin with. Are you kidding me, a feeder whose purpose is to be fed away eventually is just as rare as premium heroes. Great, pander to the naysayers. I hope all people who complained about trainer heroes got all 10 epic trainers in their 10 pulls. That would be ■■■■■■■ hilarious

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There is a magical portal that already exists out there called the costumes portal. If they want pull the classics, pull from there. Settle for more, don’t settle for less


I think when Fenrir was in beta a lot of people were rioting and saying he was OP. He indeed sounds like too much when you first read it but once in live game he turned into one of the worst s4 legendaries.

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And of course he was the first s3 5* I got, and the only one I got twice. He lurks at 3.70 and comes out for specific jobs like war cleanup and early stages of Ninja Tower. He’s fun, but definitely not the most useful.

As for the trainer change, I’m disappointed that the complaints were given traction. It’s all very well to say that it’s all very well for me, with my 2.5 year old roster, not to need s1 rares, but they still constitute over 50% of all the fillers. Plenty to make new players happy still. Or avoid these (currently) twice a year events and use your gems in other portals, like… well, all of them really. If you still need rares it’s unlikely that you’d be in a position to make optimum use of the more niche heroes - and frankly you’re probably at least as well off with what comes out of Avalon as any of the League of Villains. To be fair the killer clowns are probably going to be better. Not everything in the game needs to suit every player equally. And epic trainer heroes suited me very well. Would have liked more but understand I can’t have 'em, because the game is not built exclusively for me, more’s the pity.

Oh, and just in case it hasn’t been said enough times already: trainers are replacing filler slots, not event heroes. You would be getting a 3* trainer hero only where you would otherwise be getting a s1 3*. They are not in any way robbing you of a chance (pitiful though it already is) of getting the good stuff.


Yes I agree and I’m in the same boat with you, because I’m not new player.
And I’m personaly even if I’m new player, I also doesn’t like that chage.
You can see it by your self in this thread: Trainer Heroes in Event Portals – Thoughts and Discussions
I said some (not many) of member, complaints loudy about small chance to get 4* classic heroes instead of Trainer.

Now with such statistics, I will surely get mad when I will pull a 4* trainer hero, since you have the same odds to get one than to get one 5* hero from the event. lol

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Reduced 4* trainer odds because PLAYERS asked?
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When did they changed something we asked for last time? Maybe in 2018? Or when Alberich’s mana boost was nerfed ages ago?

They reduced it because you know what. Even if some players complained that doesn’t make any sense. They did because of the profits.


I’ve said a long time ago, nobody comes to these portals and wish to get S1 heroes. (On a side note. The word ‘S1’ feels so dirty right now, I always cringe when writing that) A S1 4 star is basically a 3.5 star at this point and getting a S1 outside of costumes is not a good thing in this current age.
The only players that ‘think’ getting trainers in the portal is a bad thing are completely new players or new f2p who have no idea what heroes are good or not and they just want any hero out there. These are the people the devs pander to.


Yeah, we all know who’s behind this.
I don’t mean to say that directly to you and put the blame on you. It’s just that i quoted it :sweat_smile::joy:
They keep grinding money by making this kind of excuse like New Player want to have a chance to get Classic Heroes. (Hey you can get it on any other event like S2/S3/S4/Ninja/Travern/Costume or even your Training Camp)
This kind of event is like 2 times a year, and yet even the chance of getting Epic Event Heroes are getting slimmer now with Trainer Heroes and higher chance for 4 star Classic Heroes. Unlike S2 / S3 / S4 which is monthly event.

Just hope they know and consider it.

This is incorrect. Odds of four star event hero are the same as any other challenge event.


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