Version 15 Releases Notes


Thursday, 13 Sep: We have now rolled out the update for both Android and iOS. Please note the changed version numbering (more information here).

Version 15 Release Notes

  • War Chest added - battle and win with your alliance for awesome loot!
    • For every 5 wins in Alliance Wars all Alliance members get to open the War Chest.
    • The amount of loot gained from the War Chest depends on how many wars the player contributed to.
  • Raid Shields added to Resources Shop
    • Raid Shields allow you to keep your trophies safe in case you’re away from the game for a longer time.
    • Raid Shields have a cooldown period and cannot be active indefinitely.
  • Increased odds for getting Rare Season 2 heroes from the Atlantis Summon. The increased odds only affect the ratio of old and new Rare heroes gained, and does not affect the odds of Epic or Legendary heroes.
  • Increased the amount of Loot Tickets gained monthly. This includes the amount gained from VIP Pass, rewards from Chests and Rare Titans, as well as how many of them are included in offers.
  • Support for migrating your progress from iOS to Android or vice versa.
  • The summon and chest views include information about the appearance rates of different heroes and other items.
  • Alliance War adjustments:
    • Players can now individually opt out.
    • When a player leaves an alliance during a battle, their war defense team stays on the battlefield.
    • Players can edit their war defense team anytime outside an active battle.
    • Inactive players are automatically excluded from matchmaking.
    • You can now see how much War Energy each player has remaining.
    • You can now inspect your remaining heroes without committing to an attack.
  • Smaller adjustments and fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where an enemy would counterattack after getting killed.
    • Mindless Attack can now be missed.
    • Elemental Barrier now also blocks buff removal and direct mana reduction.
    • Fixed a bug where elemental defense buffs and debuffs were not stacking.

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