Version 16 Release Notes

Wednesday, 17 Oct : We have now released the update for both iOS and Android. Please update your game!

  • Content for the new Halloween Event added.
    • Prepare to return to Morlovia in late October!
  • Raiding in Gold, Platinum and Diamond tiers rewards you with recruits.
  • Team Slots can now be named.
  • Additional team slots can be obtained from Shop.
  • Alliance War adjustments:
    • Added a countdown to the start of matchmaking.
    • You can now see the remaining War Energy of the whole alliance.
    • You can now see your Alliances War Score in the Alliance view.
    • Fixed an issue where players appeared to have negative War Energy left.
    • War Chest adjustments and fixes:
      • Alliances now receive 3 points from draws.
      • Surplus points now carry over to the next War Chest.
      • Participation is now counted as a percentage
  • Smaller adjustments and fixes:
    • Issue with Magic Night fixed: Mana was distributed wrong when playing with multiple heroes of the same element.
    • Changed Time Stop description to state that it only delays normal attacks of enemies.
    • Fixed Red Hood’s minion description to state that the minions recover health at the end of the turn instead of the start of the turn.
    • Fixed the orientation of the clef in Gill-Ra’s special animation when Gill-Ra is an enemy.

Added for War Chest adjustments and fixes:
* Participation is now counted as a percentage