Upcoming Change in the Version Numbering

TLDR; The next version of the game will be 15.0.0 instead of 1.15. This doesn’t affect the content in any way.

Starting with the upcoming update, we will be changing the way we number our versions. Previously the first part of the version has always been 1, and we’ve identified each new major update using the second part of the version number - for example 1.14.

We believe in small, incremental updates. When we decided not to increase the version to 2.0 with the release of Season 2, it became pretty clear that we’d be stuck with the 1.x prefix forever. This prefix provides no additional information, so getting rid of it makes sense. As an added benefit, it allows us to be more consistent with our version numbers.

Starting with the next update, the first part of the version number denotes a new major version of the game. We aim to keep doing these releases approximately once per month as before. Some of the bug fixes we implement are protocol incompatible with the previous version, and need to be forced. These versions are denoted by a change in the minor version, e.g. 15.1.0. The remaining bug fixes will be denoted by a change in the patch version, e.g. 15.0.1.

This change doesn’t affect the actual content of the releases in any way.


Tnx for the info. One question though…Will it be possible for the new version to include some new language chats? Ex: hungarian, romanian, ukrainian etc. I know, there are posts about this. Still, an official reply from a staff member would be appreciated. We enjoy the game and it would be much easier for us to help new players for ex. evolve and enjoy it, too…without having to search the global, amidst other types of conversation. :blush:


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Yes we want some new languages chat rooms. We need romanian and hungarian chat room